Sunday, August 14, 2016

Life is starting to get back into the grind. My youngest (2 yo) is healing great from open heart surgery a couple weeks ago and we are looking fwd to continue to travel the US. Our goal is to hit all the states (except Hawaii and maybe Alaska). So far, since July of 2015 (last summer) we have hit all but 7!! YEAH! What an amazing adventure! Many we only drove thru, but for us, it counts! My goal is to find a place to live that doesn't cause me so much pain. It seems the humidity does me worse than cold. Our favorite place, so far, is Idaho. Maine and New York and Tennessee were pretty amazing too! I love the mountains! And the Ocean. And...well... I LOVE IT ALL!! Except the desert is pretty depressing in the summer.

(Rainbow Springs, FL)

I am currently working on healing my thyroid with the Hypothyroidism Revolution. It is about using the correct portions of fats, proteins and sugar to combat thyroid/adrenal/hormone issues using many resources, and especially using the research of endocrinologist, Ray Peat. The link on the image is an affiliate link and it sends you to one of those 'videos' that the guy reads, but his information is SPOT ON and is really helpful to make things really click in your brain how our bodies work.

Make sure to visit this blogsign up for his email articles and download his free sample recipes to get your thyroid boosted! It WILL change your life! And the best thing; COFFEE and SMOOTHIES are allowed :)

So my weight update is sad. I have gained back to 185. I believe some is muscle weight because I went thru a year or two of feeling so weak and had lost much muscle mass. My stamina is up and some of my strength is back. The protocol above will have some weight gain in the beginning until all hormones and blood sugar get balanced. I disagree with the author's stance on Iodine and have recently included some Lugol's solution to my regiment because it seems when you are doing everything right and still not losing, idoine may be the deal breaker! With Hashimoto's there's a chance for a relapse of issues, but there's a good chance it is due to Epstein Barr Virus being destroyed as this article suggests: The Mysteries of The Thyroid s