Friday, July 8, 2016

new updates coming soon!

Been away having an adventure this past year traveling the US in an RV with my kids! Only 9 states to go!! WOOHOO!

I am excited to share some new info I have experimented with in dealing FINALLY and nearly completely with my thyroid! I need to find a better wifi connection and start sharing!!

HOPEFULLY I remember to do it before the 26th of July because after that, I will be busy taking care of my youngest (2 yo) baby girl after open heart surgery. :( Drs tried in April to fix her 14 mm hole with a catheter patch, but it was unsuccessful. :( Life is for sure never dull around here!

So if anyone is still following me.... (anyone?? maybe?? I hear CRICKETS??? ugh... oh well) I will be sharing the info that I have learned this past year. It is diverse and maybe even a bit on the crazy side, but hey,,, nothing is much crazier than the hcg protocol I began this blog with?! lol!

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