Friday, April 18, 2014


Hopefully it is spring. Hard to say this year in this state! LOL!
So things being so messed up in my body and life I think I am hitting a turning point. I hope!

LONG STORY... for those interested in a bit of drama! To find out WHY I am so messed up?

 I've officially been separated for about 16 months now and it's been quite a challenge to wrap my brain around the changes. Esp so soon after the birth of Baby Z in 2012 and a crazy trip to Wyoming to visit my brother after 14 yrs of not really seeing him.. I found out was .... well.. crazy. I was just wanting a vacation to think and have a small adventure visiting inlaws and hopefully some of my family. I guess, looking back, everyone was convinced I was running away with the kids. So the trauma of my car acting up (I'm almost convinced my brother tinkered with it to keep me there), my daughter being hospitalized out there for a week, ugh. The courts temporarily decided I was not thinking properly for the best interest of the kids and had them taken away from me while I was stranded across the country with a messed up car and my bank account access denied. Anyway... the trauma messed me up big time. It took me 2 weeks to get enough money to fly home to my kids and get money to get my car working enough to drive it back home. Lotsa drama. Thankfully, for one person I met out there, I would have lost it. His family took me in those two weeks of devastation for me.

Needless to say, a moment of weakness found me with a gift from Wyoming growing in my belly. Rough next summer dealing with separation and hiding a pregnancy! Lots of nosy and judgemental people in my life and I was not in the right frame of mind to properly or proudly deal with it. I was whipped and shamed. My last two babies are 14 months apart. I don't know how people do it! My body is very damaged by two very close pregnancies. My teeth and back. :( I blew several disks in my neck last May and took 2 months to recover. WOW!

I named her Emily Joy because I needed some joy in my life and she really is my JOY! I am so thankful for her and looking back wish I could have been in a better emotional state. Things have settled with everyone and I'm still working on the peace of the changes. Being a single parent is pretty damn hard! Hats off to all single parents! Emmie's dad is doing a great job, but is working in WY for now.

Anyway. The health part of all this... I was faithful in taking around 6000 mg Vit C during the pregnancy as well as B's (or I would have probably killed some people! LOL!) and I was having a lot of issues with dairy and wheat like the pregnancy before. I had several cases of gall stones and I learned about drinking Beet Juice to stop the pains. It helps dilate the ducts and has a bit of a pain killer and helps push the stones out within a quick time. Since her birth I was passing stones about every other week and would just write in pain until I figured out the early early symptoms and remembered to drink the juice, I could aleviate the pain. If I have an attack and don't catch it in time, the pain goes away within 10 minutes after drinking the beet juice. I am nursing, so I have to be careful about detoxing so the baby doesn't get so much toxins as my body pushes them out. I found out with baby Z that if I am having liver issues, baby will be more colicy and gassy! Sure enough, Emmie was too. Poor baby was soooo gassy. I purchased some chinese liver cleanse products through a company I have been wanting to try for several years but never had the money. This time I was desperate enough, I sucked it up and ordered. Talking with the nutritionist there, we decided to stick with only a couple of the tinctures to do a slow detox and see what happened. Within 2 weeks the baby was much less gassy (as was I!) and my liver has stopped having attacks. The one tincture really helped me sleep so much better! Crazy. The research is amazing and very involved in the gal's journey because her problems are so close to mine in the estrogen dominance and other issues. It is hard to find detox herbs that don't complicate the hormone issue!


I get NO money for sending you to their website. I am very impressed with their products and have just received a second shipment to work on a more serious regimented cleanse. Last order I just took a dose here and there of the tinctures to give slow release.

It has been almost 6 months and I have had a SLOW recovery. I'm sure all the emotional trauma of my life didn't help. As well as lack of support from anyone. My so-called friends totally abandoned me.
 My midwife said sometimes gardens need to be weeded of everything and started anew.
Oh I forgot.. her unassisted home birth was perfect, quick and very peaceful! I am very happy things went so fast. I was in prodromal labor for several weeks and my OB figured I would deliver at home because I was half dilated and effaced for so long. I believe labor took 30 minutes. Awesome!

Supplementing with enough Vit C has been researched to help with pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding:

So onto health. I've been crazy woman ever since her birth tho! Crying, depression, brain fog, anger...very very sad. Went to the dr and got some blood tests. She said I may be low estrogen. Well, I have always been low estrogen, but my progesterone was lower making me still estrogen dominant. Crazy! So I got buncha labs done and got her report saying everything is low but within normal limits. I HATE THAT! So I ordered the book 'STOP The Thyroid Madness' and will bring a copy to her and see if she will do a bit more research to help me because my one daughter is exhibiting the same symptoms of adrenal fatigue and hashimoto's craziness. I got a copy of my labs and decided to try some herbals to stop my crazy moods. Gaining 20 pounds in a couple months is WRONG! Could also be side effects of tubal ligation surgery too. I found out AFTER the fact that it is a horrible surgery to go thru because of the damage it does to many ladies hormones and often kills the ovaries. (very sad sad face)

I am hovering at 185. The same weight after Emmie was born. I had gone down to 170'ish and I learned that breastfeeding nearly ALWAYS causes a bit of weight gain. Every other country knows this but America, it seems! So I'm ok with this bit, just frustrated because pants are not fitting so well. Baby's dad loves my squish. I'm not so fond of it tho! LOL!

Herbal Infusions. I'm pretty sure I blogged about them before. But here is a link to a great article on dealing with infusions and hormones.

So. Once again, reintroducing myself to the Stinging Nettle, Comfrey Leaf, Red Clover and Wild Oats has brought PEACE and SANITY to my life! And some bit of energy! So I am happy. Hopefully this will help everything.

So Sorry for such a crazy long post. Shows how my brain is still not quite on par for me, but I'm on the UP side, it seems! Onto a busy weekend of building a playhouse for the kids. Actually, THEY will be building. I will be supervising! Happy Day!