Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby has arrived with a surprise!

My whole pregnancy was unique for me this time and ended up being a very, very good thing to happen!

I had a lot of tummy problems and even passed gallstones twice! eek! I finally figured out that all forms of dairy and wheat really caused havoc on my gut and so I cut them all out with pretty good results. I even cut out eggs, just in case. I started feeling really great and I noticed that when my spondylitis flares, I normally would get strange little pimples in my scalp, behind my ears, on my jawline and chin area. But when I cut out the wheat this time, they have not come back! I've cut out wheat before, with no specific results so this is odd for me to see such a dramatic difference. It could be part of the healing, or maybe nothing. I found that I could tolerate Garden of Eden's RAW meal replacement shakes (gluten, dairy & soy free). Although, I only drank maybe 1 1/2 servings cuz I had a very small appetite. I also was able to eat Taco Bell nachos. It was a crazy craving!

I gained about 10-15 pounds and then lost it the last month and a half. I went to nearly 40 weeks this pregnancy, which is very odd for me. But the last 3 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy, my middle daughter was in the hospital with status epilepticus. A lot of stress those weeks as the docs were having a difficult time getting her brain to settle down. It is very difficult to see your daughter lose all function and have to re-learn everything. Thankfully, she is doing ok, even though we got a confirmed diagnoses of Lennox-Gaustaut syndrome and possible Hashiimoto's Encephalopathy.

I was starting & stopping labor the whole time and had a blast teasing the hospital staff that I was going to deliver in the room on their shift. Their reactions were fantastic!! Some were excited and others were terrified! LOL!

This baby went the longest gestation and was my largest baby at 8lbs, 11 oz.(15 inch head with his huge hands there too!). He was born at home and the next day we attended our Pirate Festival that whole week because I just couldn't stay away after so much work planning and preparing! AND I just could not miss the ROMANS!! Here's a link to some photos of the event.

Me & baby boy at 3 weeks old:


Anyway, after baby was born and the water weight expelled itself by day 3, I ended up weighing 32 lbs less than when I got pregnant. (207 to 175) My whole body and everything seemed to change for the better! What a great mid-life occurrence! LOL!



I am a little scared I will re-gain everything, but I am a little hopeful I won't. The hair on my legs is growing faster which is a symptom of my adrenals healing. During my pregnancy, I was able to get some blood labs to confirm my thyroid was still making the T3 hormones, but not absorbing it. My RT3 levels were over 500, so I stopped taking the synthroid and the heart palps went away and I started feeling better. I don't have the brain fog so bad and life seems much better, all things considering. Lots of stress in my life, but I am continuing to work on a good balance so as to not unduly damage myself.

Today, I am 6 weeks post-partum and weighing in at 170 pounds! Hubby and I are loading and starting hcg protocol once again.

I will continue with the Garden of Eden shakes as my food because I know it is safe. Hubby's goal is to get back into his uniform for the USMC birthday ball in November. My goal is to maybe lost 10 - 20 pounds and at least tighten the jiggly parts up a bit. I am also happy that my spondy problems are in a bit of a remission, which helps a TON as well because now I can go on walks with the kids and get my body moving.

Ok, that is my update. We are starting hcg today.


Caitlin said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful! Love the pictures, you look so happy and beautiful! So interesting all the different changes you experienced too. :)

pretty_face said...

Hi Trudi, I just happened upon you and this blog. I think we are from the same area-ish. I'm really curious about trying hcg after having 5 children myself, and I'm wondering if you could point me in the right direction? Thank you so much in advance!


Trudi said...

Caitlin: THANK YOU! Yes, life is interesting as we grow and change. Thanks for saying hi!

Pretty_face: I do not know a current supplier since I stopped participating in the hcg support group (ah the joys of life getting me distracted! lol!) but I do have all the basic info on my blog posted for you to read Dr Simeon's manual and other helpful tips for a successful protocol.