Monday, April 9, 2012

Stinging Nettle

Friends have asked me about stinging nettle of late, so I decided a series of videos. Enjoy!

Sorry the video is a bit wobbly in the beginning. Trying to cut stinging nettle with one hand holding a camera is a bit daunting!

Nettle: a good source of calcium, potassium, silicon, Vitamin K, etc. and is more powerful in nutrients than spinach. It helps with joints (arthritis), hair, nails, skin ... all the collagen areas. Nettle is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body balance problems like blood pressure, stress hormones, thyroid, etc. A very good thing for adrenals and thyroid too. You have to pick it EARLY in spring, before it goes into flower and seed, or you will cause irritation to your kidneys and bladder due to oxalates. Always best to pick when at knee level or smaller if you are going to use a large amount. An occasional leaf or two of an older nettle plant will not harm you.

Use the leaves like spinach. Cooked or dried is easiest to deal with because the sting is gone. I put the dried leaves in smoothies and infusions (a strong tea). I later harvest the seeds for an even more potent adrenal and thyroid waker-upper.


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