Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long overdue update

Lots going on here but the biggest news is the impending arrival of baby ... number 6!! Thankfully, I know enough about how hcg works in my body so I have not fretted about having severe nausea and loss of appetite. Or the fact that I have not gained more than a couple pounds by week 20. I have plenty of body fat to provide the nourishment I am unable to eat.

**Note: I do eat what I can and as healthy as possible, so please do NOT harass me on this point. I am not a vain female trying to keep a slender 120 lb body during pregnancy. I am, in fact, at 200 lbs due to continued problems with low thyroid auto-immune & adrenal issues. I also think my slow liver is contributing! After baby is born, I plan to cleanse my liver properly to hopefully get my other organs & glands working efficiently and hope that I can once again work with hcg and exercise as my body allows. I have found a wonderful physical therapist to help with my spondylitis, so I am crossing fingers that he will help me get actively moving again!**

(hey... not too bad for being 200 lbs, eh? Gaining weight after losing it with hcg really shows up much differently on your body)

My last 3 pregnancies have been filled with the midwife harassing me about eating enough and that my lack of appetite caused my preterm labor. They made me drink tons of protein drinks, which caused me to gain soo much weight. I found out, thru the hcg protocol, that this is untrue and not necessary. The one baby that had the most 'preterm labor' ended up having a genetic mutation (Turner's Syndrome) that often has miscarriages and early labor issues.

During this pregnancy, I noticed a lot of very early 'braxton-hix' contractions only in the lower half of my uterus... kinda strange, I thought. So I did some good ol' research and found out about 'irritable uterus'. DING DING DING!! Ok, so this has been what I have dealt with during ALL my pregnancies and has nothing to do with baby wanting out because I have a low appetite. AND this is why I never know when I am in labor because there is no consistency in labor pains for me!! I am SOOO relieved about all this. I also found out that high doses of Vitamin C (6000 - 10,000 mg a day) help with this problem and really help with quick deliveries and healthier babies.

DoctorYourself.com is a great website that specifically talks about Vitamin B, C & E deficiencies and all the studies of old that showed how much of our modern problems of mental issues, disease, etc are because of the lack of these specific vitamins. I do not believe the author's take on vegetarianism. I believe our bodies need healthy fats and proteins from animals. I'm sure many people do feel better after getting off the crap standard American Diet and going to just veggies, but only because they are actually feeding their bodies food. Long term studies have shown that eventually they do suffer problems with this diet. Besides those little issues, I really like what this doctor has to say. I've noticed an improvement in my own psychosis when my Vitamin C intake is consistent. I'm happy to find the one thing to get rid of the dragging depression and brain fog... and it is soooo easy!

I am awaiting my shipment of the other supplements any day now to get a good source of B's & E's withOUT soy in it. Do you realize how hard it is to find a non-soy supplement?? GAH! My biggest test is with my middle child who has severe epilepsy, Turner's Syndrome, hashimoto's, and now is severely cognitively impaired. It seems these supplements, along with Magnesium Chloride, may help her. I will try anything to give her a help. She has gone thru so much and things are only getting worse for her, which breaks my heart. I'm hanging on to this last thread of hope from the studies from the 1980's with mentally impaired Down Syndrome children. The supplements actually raised most IQ's by 30 points and many started losing their characteristic features! I can only hope that my efforts will help some small degree. If not, I can at least live with the fact that I tried my best.

Ok, on to a better topic..... maybe... For those that are trying to purchase hcg online.. it seems that my links are no longer functioning. It is probably an FDA shut-down thing. I am not connected, at the moment, with a group that has active links where to get hcg. I have seen it sold as a homeopathic in some drug stores, at Meijer's and online. I do not have experience with the homeopathic form so I do not usually recommend it. Many have great success with it. When I find another source of hcg online, I will for sure post the info here! Who knows, maybe the old links will become active again!

I will try to remember to keep posting... but life is pretty busy with organizing and planning a festival this summer. The kicker is that my due date is the very weekend we are putting the festival on: August 6-12!! I am kind of hoping my history of delivering at 36 or so weeks happens this time as well. Otherwise I will have to labor and deliver at the fair! LOL! Here's the website I put together that shows what we are doing: MichiganPirateFestival.com

Here's the latest picture of the family... I am 4 months pregnant here!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just wanted to say I too dealt with adrenal and thyroid issues from low body temps and this hindered my progress with hcg, However I am healing my metabolism and feel I will be able to tackle hcg again successfully knowing what I know now. I just wanted to give you a link to an ebook I read that changed my life. Its free and the blog its from is full of info. So dont worry I am not advertising anything I just feel for you dealing with thyroid and adrenal stuff. I think this will be able to help:) the ebook download link as at the bottom of this blog post:) labeled rrarf. http://www.livingthenourishedlife.com/2010/10/day-9-on-rrarf-adieu-le-sucre.html

I really hope it helps and that you have a healthy pregnancy!

Trudi said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering if you've ever done the HCG diet while breastfeeding. I've done the diet before and then when I got pregnant gained all of the weight back. I really want to get my weight back down but I don't want to compromise my milk supply. Any experience?

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