Friday, August 20, 2010

update on the sleep issues and hubby

Hubby was on the sleep tea for about a week and a half. The days he'd forget (or I forgot to make it) he'd sleep poorly and snore again. So we kept doing it until this past weekend and he said he wanted to try it without. So far he's doing well. He's got a sinus thing going on which is causing him to feel crappy, but otherwise when he sleeps, he says he sleeps like a dead person.

A side note: do not use too much sage, because it can cause odd things if you are sensitive. I have a typical sage plant which is very very mild and do not measure exactly how much I used so a couple times I used too much and it made him feel odd. He said he could wake up to pee, but felt 'out of it'.

Things going on with me is that I am still feeling really good about myself. This seems to be a lasting breakthrough and I am excited. I think I am going to switch docs when I find the number of my friend's doc and see what he says about my Rt3 and such. I still have several heart palps a day, but the usual fatigue isn't so overwhelming. I am still taking homeopathic cell salts when I remember and I think I shall start back up on the supplements. Maybe not so much dessicated adrenal one since that may have been the one to give me tummy aches.


purchase hcg said...

I just googled about feeling fatigued all the time, and learned it could be caused by anemia. This surprised me. Guess I need to have a blood check-up.

Trudi said...

No anemia here. Low thyroid, probably sluggish liver and arthritis inflammation pain are more probable contributers for me.