Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sleep issues can be easily resolved!

Here's a tea recipe I just found out that helps regulate REM sleep. This is esp. important for those that seem to never get sleep at night (like my hubby). It should only take a week of drinking this every night to set things right in your brain. I believe this is an old Native American recipe, but I'm not for sure. My best friend told me about this and one particular client who used this after not 'sleeping' for 20 years. After a week of this tea, he was able to sleep fully!

2 TBSP rosemary
1 tsp sage
bit of peppermint/lemon balm/catmint

Drink before bed. My hubby is on night #3 and so far we've had 3 nights of NO SNORING! I cannot sleep anymore because I keep wondering if he died! LOL! So far he says he only wakes up once or twice instead of his usual hourly wakings. No tossing & turning and his moods the next day are more peaceful!


The sage is what helps the brain to calm down and get the sleep hormones regulated so make sure you don't 'overdose' on the sage. You can use dried or fresh, I believe.

Another recipe I recently read about:

lemon balm,
catmint (catnip)

No particular measurements. If you make this one very strong, you will be asleep very quickly as well. I'm not sure if this one restores function like the one above.

So, if you decide to try one of these, post your results!


CJ said...

Awesome news. I can't wait to try that since I start P2 on Thursday and have major sleep issues.....up 36-42 hours, sleep 3-4 and start all over again.....have been taking benadryl but hate to......when you say peppermint, do you use essential oil? Where do you get lemon balm & catmint? I have never heard of those! Congrats on helping your husband! I hope I can get my hubby to try it & lose some weight and maybe he can quit snoring and get off of his Bipap machine! You can email me at
Found your blog through HTA

Uber-Dieter Owner said...

That sounds great! I have been having sleep issues lately.
I've been doing the diet since May and have lost 39lbs. I'd love for you to visit my blog, too. :)

Congrats on your journey!

Trudi said...

Do not use essential oils internally!!

The original recipe says peppermint extract which is a food 'spice' for candy.

I use the leaves from the plant (peppermint or spearmint, doesn't matter which mint you want. Some day I will get chocolate mint!!)

Lemon balm and catmint are often found as a potted herb in the grocery store. There are a couple forms of catmint and I think either works fine. This is not 'cat grass'. Look for Nepeta in the scientific name of the plant. It is a stinky smelling plant with triangle-like leaves and they are fuzzy. Lemon balm and catmint are both of the mint family and will have square stems. Lemon Balm will smell lemony.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me where I can find that stuff! Hopefully I can get it soon and try the tea

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Cal - the hCG Success guy said...

Ooh I find myself with much more energy now, waking up at 7am without an alarm since starting the hcg diet. On round 3 now. 72lbs lost...

But the key is to expend that energy in the day without strenuous exercise. I expend it mentally!

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My boyfriend will love this! He likes his tea!