Thursday, July 22, 2010

Off topic a bit, just because!

On to the off-topic part of this post. Since I somewhat un-school, I like to create life-application projects for the kids to do. A couple years ago they had to create something to sell at a local Farmer's Market and learn all about buying & selling. They still talk about it to this day! This year we've decided to write and publish a magazine to get them to further develop their writing and creative skills. The goal is to get other kids, esp homeschooling kids, to find a new interest in writing and sharing. Maybe even write articles about things they've learned so other kids can read about it and learn too. There's just something special when a kid learns something and teaches it to another kid as they play together.

So here it is:

Click on the image and you can get a small peek at the magazine for those that are interested. The kids only get $1.55 for each magazine that sells so this is not about making money. Right now the publisher has a 25% discount sale so it will be even cheaper for those purchased now. This is a good diversion for our family as we've been dealing with a lot of seizures with the middle child and this past week our eldest has had several night ones! Add a broken leg to the mix and well, we've had one heck of a summer already!

Until the kids fully understand the graphic arts and putting things together, I help them in those areas. Otherwise they've written pretty much everything else in the magazine! They are hoping kids from everywhere will start participating. I am so proud of them!!


We went rustic camping last weekend and I was a little bummed because I didn't have a suit that fit right. Big boobs really are a curse. But, luck was with me on Friday when we were shopping for suits for the girls. Boy do they grow up fast! Anyway, I found a suit top that fit wonderfully and actually looked nice enough for me to consider strutting! LOL! So camping went well and the kids had a blast and I got to swim!! woohoo!!

I went off hcg for a break and have not started up yet. I have been going thru another season of emotional growth, I think because I really feel ok with how I look right now. I am completely shocking myself! LOL! Hubby's been taking the cell salts for his thyroid and we realized the other day that he is healing!! I am always a tad skeptical with anything actually working, whether px or natural. So far the homeopathy has not failed me yet!

So how do I know his thyroid is on the mend? For the first time in years he has interest in flirting with me & following thru with the flirt! I know, TMI, but I never realized how much the thyroid regulates desire for intimacy until my friend started dessicated thyroid and her drive went from 0 to 100 and was shocked! So that was the first change.

2nd change: he takes the remedies in the morning and he is not so drop-dead tired all day. He says he hits a 2:30 slump where the keyboard tells him he is zoning by spelling out ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt for a couple lines!

3rd change: He is coming home and NOT GRUMPY!

4th change: his intestines are actually digesting food. He's suffered with IBS since his tour in Desert Storm in 1991. This makes sense because this kind of trauma will really throw the endocrine system out of whack. He ate corn the other day and normally it comes out within an hour. It took a full 24 hours before being seen again! He seems to be having less and less IBS flares too.

Those are the immediate changes I see in him. His overall moodiness is getting less and he's been reading to the kids every night for a couple weeks! I am SO proud of him!!

I stopped the Armour and started the remedies too. It seems to take about 2 hours to start working and waking me up in the morning but I noticed it takes the edge off my pain as well. The smallest changes are noticed and I'm getting OK with how I look. (insert BIG smile!)

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