Monday, June 7, 2010

lab tests are in

Dr appt today showed my hormones are all normal! Imagine that.... (sarcasm here). She even said to not continue the bioidentical hormone therapy for several months.

She's doing a Free T3 blood test, among a couple others. I am curious with the T3 because it shows how much T3 my body is actually absorbing. The normal tests show how much my body is making. SO if this test is 'off' then I will be correct with my idea that the whole Wilson's temperature syndrome is my problem that needs T3 therapy. (That would be awesome, wouldn't it? That I may have been right all along? hmmmm..... )

She also has no idea why my weight is not stabilizing and thinks I should stop eating dairy because my blood iGA tests from awhile ago showed I was allergic to caseine (milk protein). I asked if raw milk protein was the same as processed milk protein because the processing changes the structure. And she was stumped. Since I was eating both processed milk (ice cream) and raw for the test, it is inconclusive to know what the truth really is.

She also wants me to start some very expensive cleanse and supplements for gastric upset/ulcers even though I don't have an ulcer. The dairy fasting will be hard, but my cravings haven't been so much lately anyway. I drink the raw milk smoothies to get food and probiotics in me since drinking food feels better in my gut than solid food. The other things will have to wait because my money is being spent carefully on more important things. This could all be a regression healing since I remember having similar gut-things happen in College. I lost weight then because I couldn't eat from a stupidly-traumatic event. This will be interesting to see what happens. Maybe I'll stick with the homeopathy and find if my constitutional remedy has changed.

On another note, my 9 yo is having increased seizure activity and it's been overwhelming this past week. My 4 yo gets his cast off his leg tomorrow (hopefully) and soon summer weather will stay and keep me warm. Strawberry picking time is upon us and I'm hoping to get to the fields in the middle of all this rain! My 6 yo son is showing a special talent with Fencing and his instructor wants to take him to his college class and show off! LOL! My other 2 are glowing in creativity and are starting a homeschooling magazine like 'Highlight's for Kids'.

Life is always interesting, eh?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The past several weeks have been odd for me. All symptoms pointed towards pregnancy: Nausea, missing period, mood swings, breast tenderness, peeing all the time, heaviness in my uterus, very irritable, major nausea, my skin was glowing, hubby was very, very interested in my glow.... And the strange impulse to buy folic acid on my last supplement purchase several weeks ago before I even considered pregnancy. I NEVER buy folic acid!

I called my doc for a blood test to confirm. She ordered all my hormones to be tested plus a quantitative hcg test on Thursday. Friday we left to travel to the other side of the state to visit relatives and I called the nurse to find out the initial results. She said that I was not pregnant and with such low progesterone levels it meant my body was going into preterm menopause.

I just turned 36 years old.

That information really helped to make my weekend suck unbelievably!

Saturday I started bleeding small chunks. (sorry, TMI, I know) Nothing heavy and no cramping. Not even cramping like a period cramp. Spotted a couple days.

I talked with my homeopathist friend about this all and after taking a lot of notes, she says she believes I was/is pregnant too. And to wait 2 weeks to see if anything happens different with the bleeding.

The hCG test the doc ordered is not one that actually determines if a person is pregnant or not, unless it is done 2 days apart to determine if the hcg is increasing or decreasing. Not enough progesterone will automatically miscarry the baby anyway.

So I will be spending money and time on Monday on another visit to the doc to find out what the 'tests' say is wrong with me. I am getting skeptical lately of being pushed into expensive supplements, shots, therapies, etc. all the time. I understand the importance of bio-identical hormone therapy and other things, but it seems like the more I take, the worse I get. Going into menopause so early is a very, very bad thing to be doing.

The diagnosis is not sitting well in my 'gut'. I guess we'll see what happens on Monday. Hopefully her suggestions will help to reverse the damage to my body!

Add to that my middle child is having more seizures (3 in the month of May), each one different and I'm thinking that the meds are doing this. I know when compared to others that have 200 a day it doesn't seem like such a bad thing, but they are all still traumatic nontheless. So now what? The more we try, the worse we all get. I wish God would put his healing finger on us, or at least my daughter. But I know that His will is up to His timing and for His glory.

That is my update and I'm hoping the next one will be better news!