Saturday, May 15, 2010

cell salts WORK!

I am totally shocked. Well, actually, with my limited dealings with homeopathy I am not really surprised. But I am every happy and excited that the whole Cell Salt part of homeopathy works very quickly and well! I just got in my order of Hyland's Cell salts 6x strength and after having a very hard day working outside I could barely walk. My feet were screaming and my low back was ready to fall off. How that is possible, I have no idea, but that's what it was doing! LOL!

So I looked up the remedies for my problems, starting with my feet because they were screaming the worst and I had to make Chili yet...ugh... so I took the 3 or 4 ones suggested and continued cooking the beef. My daughter came in with her rice bag to heat up and I found her remedy to see what would happen. By that time I realized my feet were cooling down and the throbbing was GONE! My eldest was complaining about her scapulae pain and I found one for her. She just walked by me, hugged me and said "mom, my shoulder is feeling better! THANKS!' After my feet settled down, I looked for dealing with my severe low back/sciatica/hip pain and am waiting to see what happens there. My low back seems to be improving as I type. Hips are still painful. But if all that happens now is my feet.. woohooo!! I gave some to the dog for his chronic itching all night. Drives me BONKERS! So now to work on the remedies for thyroid problems. I'm gonna hit this problem with a full arsenal!

Not a whole lot to talk about. Hubby & I started protocol again. We are just starving so maybe that is a good thing. The thing I hate the most is the chronic thirst that happens with protocol. Actually, now that I think of it, I recall that the rounds I lose the best are those where I am the most thirsty! hmmm... *brain is thinking now..*

My son has his red cast on his leg and it will be an interesting next 4 weeks. Thankfully I figured out that Chamomile remedy stops his itching anger spaz thing he does when his leg starts to bother and itch him. It also helps him when he gets the whole 'HELP ME NOW' and when you help him he yells because you didn't help the exact, perfect right way! argh!
This too shall pass....
kids are are

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