Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bad, bad week

My daughter started the week with a seizure and my 4 year old son ended the week with a broken leg! So this week has been quite an interesting & somewhat stressful one for me.

I ran out of the niacin supplement and got a different one that was not flush free. Oh My Goodness!! Niacin flush is NOT fun at all! My kids got it first. I looked over at 3 suddenly fussing kids and watched them grow beet-red in minutes!! It took my body 4 hours to start burning. GAH!! When hubby got home I asked him if he suddenly got hot and burning today. YES! LOL! It was funny to hear him talk about his experience too. So now I'm afraid to try that type of niacin again.

A new friend is wanting to start protocol and I will probably be starting a round with her whenever she is ready.

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