Thursday, April 29, 2010

maintaining quite well

For the first time in a long time, my weight is stable. I notice my strange cravings for junk has gone completely away. Maybe due to the Vitamin C, E & B3 I've added. Or it could be from the homeopathic constitutional remedy I've been using as well. My gut seems to be alive, which is a very exciting thing for me.

I believe my thyroid is starting up again too. Not sure if this is part of hashi's where some days it works and other days it doesn't. My temp seems to be on the up instead of on the low. I'll have to remember to take my actual temp later to know for sure.I've had great energy and have done a TON of work outside. I still need time to recover the next morning, but my recoveries are not weeks long like they were last summer. **Yea for me!!**

And the best part is my sense of peace inside me. I have more days of life satisfaction than I have un-satisfaction and the insanity residing in that brain fog seems to be going away! YEEEEEE!!! LOL! It is still there, though as really, really stupid things are being done by me on occasion. You know, things like not realizing I turned the butter on the stove, then went outside to pick some things up. I didn't realize flames could go so high! Thankfully, God's hand was on us and no real damage happened. The hood can be replaced. Ah, such fun life is! And this happened a couple hours after talking with our insurance agent about the changes in our policy with the deductable. I told him to keep it the way it was because knowing me, I'd beat those odds of experiencing another house fire!

Well, I'd better get going. My friend has some mini-cows and dwarf dairy goats I wanted to see and the kids want to play with her kids. Life is grand!

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