Thursday, April 1, 2010

checking in

16 days on this round and I'm down 4.8 pounds.

My doc has determined that she will not help me thru the Wilson's Temperature Syndrome therapy and the other somewhat local doc has never worked with hashimoto's cases and charges $450. So that is out of the question. I met up with my homeopathist friend and we talked quite a long time and I've started a new remedy (Causticum) which should help deal with the trauma that has thrown my thyroid out of whack. I'm mostly interested in getting out of my trapped brain fog and finding true self.

The first day of taking the remedy I was stunned at who I saw in the mirror! Someone who is acceptable and looking good. I am finally shedding those horrible 'glasses' of disdain that I've viewed myself for many years now! I can feel the fog creep back over me, but within a minute or two, the remedy pushes it back. I'm sure it will take a bit longer for the full effects to be comnpletely there, but I can see the light! Strangely, I felt so good the first day I went on a long 2 mile walk with the family and carried my 4 yo on my back. The next day I was feeling a lot of pain and yesterday I swore a Mac truck had hit me. The physical pain was pretty bad, but my mind was not affected! How crazy! Then I remembered my accupuncturist telling me that it is healthier to have a sane mind and a sick body than the other way around. It means healing is happening. Yay!

My hubby's on Lycopodium and my one daughter is on Sulphur. So far everyone is responding shockingly well.

My weight has gone down 2.8 since Tuesday! This weekend I remembered the actual trauma that started this whole downward spiral. While I always remembered the event that was the trigger to a decade of struggle & strife; I had never put two and two together. So today I am smiling and thinking 'YES! This is soon over!' I actually feel thin and the blubber is not even affecting me like it did last week.

Today the pain is down again and things need to get done around the house. I must not over-do it again.

Until next time... BE HAPPY... mostly because SPRING IS HERE!!!

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