Sunday, March 7, 2010

on p3 for now

On p3 now and enjoying eating again. Although, I still keep forgetting on many days. I'm focusing on getting in the calories needed to keep stable instead of gaining.

The unseasonably warm weather is making me hunger for spring already! Otherwise there's nothing much else to update on. I'm re-learning guitar and teaching my 2 eldest along with me. All the kids are wanting piano lessons, so we're busy with that. I picked up the meat and ground up the suet and found it works perfectly for cooking popcorn and anything else. I don't need to cook it down like I did the pig fat 2 years ago. Thankfully.. something that is easy! I've found that lard, suet & tallow are the 3 most stable & healthy fats to cook with at high temps (plus coocnut oil, but that is soooo expensive). Butter & olive oil should not be used at frying temps because they turn carconegenic at high heat. I think I will call the butcher and ask for the suet every time he gets some in. ... gotta put that on my list of things to remember to do.. now, where is my pen...... ***wanders off, only to get distracted with something like dishes or sweeping the floor for the umpteenth time today....***

One day soon I will have nothing to do and I will look back on all this in amazement that I survived! LOL! Ah, the joys of life.


Livingsmart said...


Losing weight is no laughing matter. Nevertheless, it must be quick, safe, and easy. most people agree that health is still more important than beauty. Dieters need not to suffer from weight loss side effects, the hassle of monitoring calories, and waiting for a long time to get results.


michelleq said...

HI THere,

I"m just about to roll into P3 and I'm a little nervous. I understand that you avoid carbs and sugar for 3 weeks. Can you eat cheese? What about beans? It's hard to find clear guidance.

Congratulations on your success! You look fabulous!


Trudi said...

p3, Michelleq, is all about eating fruit, veggies & protein. Things not allowed are the processed foods like bread, etc. plus it is not good to eat the 'white' things like rice & potatoes & noodles. Otherwise eating cheese is good because it is a fat. Beans are starchy, but I believe are ok on protocol in small amts, but be careful and watch how you respond. Your body may not react well to them.