Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am ......

I was hoping to stabilize on p3 but I am not having such luck. I believe it is ALL water weight packing back on. I can feel the constant swelling and it is no fun.

2 weeks of p3 and I'm starting today back on p2.

I have been reading about the Wilson's Temperature Syndrome with renewed interest. It has taking me a bit to figure out my way around their website. One thing of interest that caught my eye was about the severe edema (water retention) that people have with low thyroid. The doctors there even suggest that Hashimoto's can often be reversed with a proper protocol of letting the thyroid rest and especially if current med treatment doesn't seem to be working. I am hoping my doc will take the time to read the information to help me. It even appears that my hubby is showing symptoms too!! If I could get him help, that would make a WORLD of difference in his life too. Give him back his energy & zest.. wow... I cannot imagine!

I was pretty excited to see the hcg protocol mentioned in the website in proving how hormones can be related to thyroid & other glandular problems. Half of pms symptoms are really thyroid issues: bloating, mood swings, irrational emotions, etc. It has been noticed, too, that many women with thyroid problems have 'remissions' during pregnancy due to the hcg!

If I can find a thermometer that actually works I will start taking my body temperature every 3 hours to see what is going on. Anything different than 98.6 is a problem because our body runs properly only at that temperature. Another tidbit I found interesting is about the symptom of retaining body fat. It happens because our body is 'cold' and the added mass helps retain body heat. Their example was about when people are cold, they hunch themselves into a ball to keep warm. This is a body instinct and when we are running even 1/2 a degree cold, our body holds onto fat and water to keep things warm.

I found 1 doc in my state that knows how to treat this problem, but he costs $450 for the first visit!! GAH! I thought my doctor was expensive! LOL! I found one in the next state over that is only $135 but 6 hours away? I think. hmm.. gotta figure this one out.

hmmm.. I KNOW I had a health tip I wanted to post, but I cannot remember right now. Oh well. It has been a very rough week for me emotionally. I noticed lately that I have become unusually foggy & nutty that is not me. It is like ME is trapped inside and I get very upset I am trapped! Thankfully yesterday it seemed to break away and I am a little better. I stumbled upon Lifetime or life tv or something like that a show called 'how to look good naked' that has touched me in a deep place in a good way.

I constantly reject myself as inadequate and ugly because of my fat. "I am who I think you think I am!" and THAT needs to change right NOW! I need to stop striving to please 'man' and just be who I am created to be.


Couture de Flor said...

Hello! I am from Arizona on my second round of HCG. I am so glad I found this blog, as it is sometimes easier to cope with hunger pains when you know someone else is doing the same thing as you are. I am on my fourth day and have lost approximately five pounds. I am a 5'8 female that weighs 151 pounds. My goal weight is 139 (I lost that much before the first time with HCG). I feel like the weight is coming off too slow... I'm anxious to fit in my skinny jeans again, I guess.. haha

Trudi said...

Hello!! Congrats on a successful beginning to your journey! Hang in there. Sometimes you have to adjust your hcg dose: too much or too little will make you hungry.