Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

In a poll I posted on HTA forum, One member posted they were diagnosed with Wilson's Temperature Syndrome and I was curious. I found this very interesting article about this underdiagnosed problem that mimics low thyroid but there is no positive blood test to give doctors a clue. It is a syndrome caused by stress, which, if not taken care of will end up with later stages of thyroid disease among other things. I am putting a link to a good explanation of how weightloss is affected with T3 therapy. I am going to the doc on Monday and pick up more T3 supplements so I don't run out! I was slowing down their useage during protocol because I wasn't sure about their effectiveness. I have noticed that those days I take the acetyltyrosine, I do have better losses. hmmm.... more info to 'chew' on... I wonder how much T3 is too much or too little?

I posted a link to the Dr's Manual to this syndrome in my links to the right.

******** today's stats****
181.6 - 180.8

I will continue this round until my mixed hcg is gone. I am happy to see such good losses. OF course, I'm wishing they were quicker! LOL! But after researching stats of others on protocol with hashi's, and working with my friend in understanding low thyroid symptoms and how adrenals & pituitary glands are connected, I am getting a better picture of how the body works. SOON, I believe I will have the key to keeping my weight down when done with protocol!

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