Monday, February 22, 2010

week 3

weigh in this morning was 183.8

I upped my dose of hcg to .20ml because I was experiencing severe hunger pangs still. It's been several days on that dose and things are settled. TOM arrived so that may have had an effect as well.

I am supplementing with chromium and dessicated adrenal pills. My hubby has noticed a difference with the adrenals added to his supplements. My friend has shared some information she's been reading about on her journey with dealing with possible thyroid/hromone imbalances. High estrogen (or maybe it was sex hormone imbalances) is caused by a fatigued adrenal!

Another good note I found a somewhat local organic farmer that sells his beef & chickens at a good price, with processing the beef is 2.75 a pound if you buy half. I have to call the butcher with what kinds of cuts I want. I'm also asking for the organs and the soup bones. I hope to make a sausage with some of the organ meats. Everything I've read states that eating the organs will help support your own organs. I figure if I make it into an age-old sausage, it will be better. Now to find the recipe I grew up with called 'blood sausage'. YUM!! It was my favorite. My mom didn't use brains in the recipe, though, and the butcher will not extract the brains from the head but said I could do it if I wanted! LOL! Yeah, I don't think so!

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