Monday, February 8, 2010

starting vlcd, with trembling

Thankfully the strawberries were on sale yesterday! Now to REMEMBER I am on protocol and stay true!

Today I lost over a pound.

I don't remember exactly what the scale said yesterday because my brain doesn't want to see where the scale has gotten. Loading was a bit easier yesterday since our good friends came over for Super Bowl games. It was fun! But, nothing seemed up to par for craving and splurging. Oh well. I taught her and her eldest the beginnings for learning to sew. Domestication! LOL!

Thankfully the hcg is making me thirsty so drinking all that water doesn't seem so hard today. The past 6 months I have had an unusual non-thirst and have not been able to remember to keep drinking enough water.

I am so excited to get started again! Time to get the fat roll off!!

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Sugar Whiting said...

I wish you the best with your journey. I may have to try it again. I did lose a few pounds with the drops, as they were affordable.. You give me the motivation!!