Friday, February 12, 2010


Thurs: 187.6 - 187.0 = -0.6
Today: 187.0 - 186.2 = -0.8

I found a great rollerskating rink nearby that had hours for homeschoolers. The kids had SOOO much fun! I, however, made a fool of myself, I'm sure. I have not skated since age 17 or so..... and never on rollerblades! LOL! So, that was an experience out of my comfort zone in a HUGE way to actually put myself out there on rollerblades. Hopefully my courage will continue and eventually I will be able to skate better than my 4 year old once again! LOL!

For protocol, I bought some Melba toast for the first time and found it to be super scrumptious. I had read someone's thoughts on Dr S's words about those who do not have his specific foods available in their culture. He stated that there needs to be the appropriate amts of protein and starch. So the discussion was wondering if that little bit of melba toast has an effect on our stabalization and re-setting of our glandular system. It was intriguing enough of a concept for me, so I am trying it this round.

I did not get my 2 full doses of protein in yesterday because of all the running around I did and by the time things settled down enough for me to eat, it was too late. The Melba & strawberries curbed my hunger pains yesterday morning quite well. And now that I think back, I don't think I ate any protein yesterday... hmmm.. that is not a good thing to do too often! Oh well, on to a new day!

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