Wednesday, February 10, 2010


188.2 - 187.6
down 0.6 today

I am having starving hunger pains & lightheadedness so I am adjusting my dose from .125 to .150 to see if that helps.


I realized I didn't write about Pemmican yet!

Pemmican is something that has been made by the Native Americans and used for traveling nourishment. It is considered 'the perfect' food and I call it the perfect energy bar. All natural and has powerful energy and nourishment for our bodies AND it lasts a long, long time without chemical preservatives! The natives used it esp when they went on their hunting trips that would last weeks or longer. Consider the amt of energy needed to hunt!

The basic recipe is this:

dried meat (beef, venison, etc)
suet (internal animal fat)
dried fruit
raw honey/maple syrup (do not use artificial sweeteners!)
real/celtic salt

The dried fruit and meat are ground into powder, mixed with the sweetener then added to the melted suet. Add salt to the mixture last. Pour on a cookie sheet and cut into strips as it cools. Or put into a glass jar.

It ends up looking like shredded jerkey dipped in wax! But it tastes pretty good! The suet and honey have a natural preservative component that will keep the pemmican good for 5+ years! They've found pemmican that was 20 yrs old and still good!

A perfect mixture of healthy fats, protein and raw sugar/carbs. I am so excited to be finding and learning about all these recipes from the wisdom of antiquity!

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