Thursday, February 25, 2010

nearly there

182.6 - 182.0 = down 0.6 this morning.

I am so very disappointed I have to lose these pounds again. Last time I saw these numbers I was excited to think 'never again!'. But, alas. Such is life. I am on the end of my 3rd week and this week has been going very well with losses. I hope to be in the 170's by this weekend. Hopefully I can do it! I just have to stay strong.

Anyone notice how thirsty you get if you neglect drinking a ton of water during the day? Gah! I have just drank almost a gallon sitting here watching the first Transformers (previewing before the kids watch) and I am STILL so stinkin' thirsty! The water just flows right thru me. This is really a good thing, albeit, a very annoying problem to be hitting the bathroom so often.

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