Sunday, February 7, 2010

Loading once again

The hCG came in on Saturday and I immediatly mixed and started loading. It is very strange to wander the store to shop for loading and nothing is appetizing. I have been dealing with a strange sore throat and a lot of sinus blockage which is taking my appetite away a bit too. Funny thing is my voice is nearly gone. I'm sure my kids like it because I feel like I am screaming but I am only getting out a croak! It is worse when I lay down and really bad in the morning. Hopefully this clears up quickly. I am baffled at it's onset because I rarely get sick and if I do, it is over in a couple days.

I am trying to decide what my goal is for this round. I'd like to see similar results as my very first round averaging one pound a day which would equal 25 pounds or so.

Strawberries were on sale today so I bought several packs for this week which starts VLCD (very low calorie diet) tomorrow. Now to stay focused and drink lots of water! My friend is starting too so we will help hold each other accountable... I hope!

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