Tuesday, February 9, 2010


189.6 - 188.2
Down 1.4 today

I know I have a problem with cortisol, according to a saliva test I did a couple years ago. I don't remember the exact results but they were abnormal and my doc figured the results were due to my spondylitis pain causing a lot of stress in my body. Cortisol is part of the adrenal system.

Here's some interesting things I read about over the past couple days:

Cortisol shows up with abnormal fat in the gut.
Estrogen shows up with abnormal fat in the lower body (hips & thighs).
Insulin resistance shows up with abnormal fat in the low back and love handles.

I definately have a problem in my belly holding onto fat very readily! One way to combat this problem is to sleep more and get the growth hormone increased in your body. Another thing to note is that LONG CARDIO workouts will INCREASE cortisol! hmmm... how about that?! To increase growth hormone you need to increase lactic acid in your muscles by weight training a specific way. More info in the links below...

Here's where I've learned a LOT these past couple months and I wanted to share with you: FinalPhaseFatLoss.com

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ThinToWin said...

I am on my 6th day of HCG drops and am amazed at my progress. I am down 1.0 pounds today. Never have I weighed less at night than in the morning. 5.2 pounds in 5 days. Incredible!

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