Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beet Kvaas

It has been 'fermenting' a couple days now and we tried the Beet Kvaas. Several beets peeled and cut up and mixed with whey sea salt and filtered water. Let sit out a few days and then refridgerate. The juice is taken daily. It is pretty strong in the salt flavor. The beet smell is very strong so I figured it would be on the sweeter side. I tend to forget that fermented foods are more on the stronger/sour side of taste because of the lactobacillii (or however that is spelled LOL!)

Here's what Sally Fallon has to say about it in her Nourishing Traditions cookbook:

"This drink is valuable for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid. Beets are just loaded with nutrients. One 4 oz glass, morning and night, is an excellent blood tonic, promotes regularity, aids digestion, alkalizes the blood, cleanses the liver and is a good treatment for kidney stones and other ailments. .....

"Professor Zabel observed that sick people always lack digestive juices, not only during the acute phase of their illness but also for a long time afterwards. In addition, he never saw a cancer victin that had a healthy intestinal flora. ...

Lacto fermented beets have a very favorable effect on disturbed cellular function. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that beets have a regenerating effect on the body. Annelies Schoneck Des Crudites Toute L'Annee" Nourishing Traditions pg 610, Sally Fallon.

That is enough to make me want to drink it! I dilute and 'hide' it in other things for my kids to drink. And they drink, very trustingly! LOL!

The second recipe I am starting on is Pemmican: and old Native American 'energy bar' that uses dried jerky, cranberries & suet. I finished drying the beef today and then ground it into almost powder and am thawing the frozen suet. I will write in my next post the amazing things about pemmican, what I call the most perfect energy bar!

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Anonymous said...

tried making beet kvaas for the first time, don't think it fermented so am making a second batch (put it in the fridge a day early inadvertently, but am leaving it in there, read somewhere that someone else's didn't ferment, so they put it in the fridge and it eventually did). Mine didn't have any fermenty type taste/zip. We'll see how it is-probably like anything else that is gross...laugh...I can probably MAKE myself get used to it, though am hoping the saltiness isn't appalling :)