Monday, January 18, 2010


A discussion about salt.

Some items of information to digest:

Typical, iodized table salt is chemically manufactured and has added chemicals in it to make it 'free flowing'. Usually the added chemical is an aluminum derivative which means 'toxic'. Refining of salt reduces nearly all the micro-minerals and nutrients (esp magnesium), so potassium iodide is added in toxic amts and it is bleached to make it white. Sounds similar to our chemically processed flour & sugar!

Consumption of this form of salt causes thyroid problems that are the same as iodine deficiency...


Research has found that people who consume large amts of refined salt have evidence of sodium starvation in their tissues! Our bodies CANNOT absorb it! Something to think about for those people who are always craving salt. If you are not absorbing the nutrients like iodine & sodium & chloride, etc, then your glandular system (thyroid) will not work properly!

Those with weak adrenals lose salt in their urine and need more salt in their diet.

Those who consume excessive salt tend to have problems with osteoperosis because calcium is excreted in their urine. Potassium is also depleted.

The best forms of salt:

Sun-dried sea salt that is grey & wet. (Celtic is THE best form). This will have 'dead' sea critters that help contribute iodine to our diet.

Pink/Red sea salt is 2nd best.

Unrefined salt that comes from ancient sea beds is acceptable, but lacks iodine.

If you eat mostly cooked foods, your intake of salt needs to be higher because it is a powerful enzyme activator which helps with digestion.

If you eat mostly or entirely raw, your need for added salt will be less because the enzymes in the raw food will suffice.

Other good sources of sodium is broth made from meat and animal bones/cartiledge. Broth made from fish carcasses is one of the best ways to support thyroid function as well as a digestion aid.

To sum this all up:

STAY AWAY from the cheap iodized salt. It does more harm to your body than good. In fact, there is nothing at all good about it so get rid of it. The only thing table salt is good for is to make homemade playdough for the kids!

Spend a little extra on Celtic Sea salt or Real salt. You will nourish your body so much better and will probably stop those crazy salt cravings that cause you to waste your money on unhealthy foods that don't feed your body, thus creating a cycle of poor eating habits because your body is starved for nutrients.

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