Sunday, January 17, 2010

raw fish... no bad if you like fish

I made marinated salmon and tuna this past week. I was very surprised at the flavor and the texture. They both ended up appearing cooked after soaking in lime juice for 24 hours. I am not a huge fish fan, but am trying very hard to get my tastebuds accustomed to it because it is SO healthy. Salmon is too fishy for me. The tuna was acceptable and highly tolerable. My gag reaction is nearly gone now when I try the raw meat. My hubby LOVES both. He loves fish anyway. Fish has to be marinated to kill any possible parasites since freezing it like other meats is not recommended. It makes fish mushy. sushi is actually not recommended because it is not marinated and has a higher incidence of parasite infestations. I've never had sushi.

I have noticed all week I had my usual food cravings and constipation was creating issues. I am going to thaw the lamb leg and make more kibbeh for raw tacos for next week. I felt better and my gut moved much better too. hmmm.... this is ending up to be quite an interesting experiment!

Last night I ordered some more hCG to start another round when it arrives, hopefully in 2 weeks. My last attempt was end of July. I believe I pushed my body too far by not having adequate breaks between rounds. I was being impatient and pushing the losses too hard. I hope that the hormone therapy and exercise regiment will help me stabalize. It is hard to say because I also deal with the autoimmune thyroid problem. So there's a chance I may have to always do a round of protocol each year because of it. Who knows. I will search and fight until I get there!

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