Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon:

After 5 years of hearing about this book, I finally bought it!

The information in that book is AMAZING! Esp when reading how our diets have changed thru modernization and our epidemic of disease, esp autoimmune, are because of it.

Today is our family's study on oats. Initially eating oats has a detox/chelating effect, but then it starts to break down and damage our guts, causing chron's, celiac, arthritis, lupus, IBS, candiditis, etc. This goes for all grains.

Eating 'regular' grains causes our bodies to become deficient in magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium because of the phytic acid that our bodies cannot break down properly.I never knew! It makes sense, esp when I consider how many 'diseases' there are relating to lack of these nutrients. Epilepsy is greater in those with lack of maganese, magnesium, calcium, vit D, vit B, etc. The way to combat these problems is simple: SOAK your oats for 12+ hours with something a bit acidic (lemon/whey/vinegar) before cooking!!! Other grains need a different soak approach, though.

Since Christmas we've started some of the recipes. Last week we had Kibbeh. It is really, really good, if I don't think on the fact it is raw lamb! LOL! gag reflex is all in my head with the texture! my kids had no clue it was raw and enjoyed it quite well. It worked better for us in the form of tacos with salsa to help cover the texture a bit. The recipe lasted enough for a serving a day per person for a week

Also, making soup broth the RIGHT way helps heal our guts and helps our bodies digest minerals and micro nutrients because of the geletain! Who'd a thunk?

I'm excited because there are recipes for things like eggplant (has anti-seizure compounds) that show the proper way to cook things and make them actually taste good (soak it in a bit of salt to remove the bitterness!).

I've been fermenting a few things here & there (salsa & pickles) and found an excellent 'salsa-type' food called Chutney made with paypaya, onion, red pepper, lime juice, whey, sea salt & water. Very unique but helps increase enzymes in our gut. Paypaya seeds can be dried and ground and added to food for enzyme help too. Chutney is mixed into things like a salsa, but especially on meat.

I'm excited and wanted to share the info in case anybody wanted to search thru the book in their local library and try some nourishing recipes.

And, I believe this book is an important part of healing our guts. Until now, I had only an inkling on how to do that. Now, I feel that I have a great arsenal on the road to recovery for all my family.

This week we haven't had any raw meat and I can feel a difference. My craving for junk is much higher these past few days and my energy is quite low too. My daughter with the seizures looks to be on a bad week. I think she's having night ones. My thoughts are the diet and way food is prepared to assimilate nutrients properly may have a direct relationship with her seizures. Only time will tell. Her blood tests showed that she is very much lacking most nutrients, esp the B's. I'm positive the raw meat will help her!

Time to take a trip to the store to get maybe some fish this week to try raw. Supposedly that is one of the best things to eat, esp in the form of a soup broth made from the bones & heads. sounds gross, but so far every recipe I've made in the book has been superbly delicious (and I am a very picky eater in a sense when it comes to taste!)


On the exercise front, I am disappointed in the lack of time at the gym because of my body's failings. Going every other day seems to be too much for me. Over the week of the New Year, we had not gone to the gym and I was sure that I had lost a lot. Surprisingly, I did not really lose anything. In 2 sessions, I was able to increase many of my weights!

My low back/SI area have de-stabalized with the intense workouts so I've had to change my workout to using weights on upper body only and working on my legs using a bike. (blech) I've reduced my workouts to rest 2 days btwn which seems to help my current issues. Once I'm more stable, I will be back to increase the training as my body permits!

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