Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liver Tonic?!

I was very daring tonight.

We got back from the gym and the beef liver was fully thawed. I was going to cook liver & onions for hubby after our workout, but then realized it will taste better if soaked in lemon juice first. I am hoping it will taste good prepared this way. I guess tomorrow I will find out.

My daring part: I have a recipe in the Nourishing Traditions book for a Liver Tonic that helps for those with tuberculosis & athletes. I'm not exactly sure what it helps, but I've learned that all raw glands & organs are very good to help our own glands/organs heal or stay healthy. The recipe:

~ raw liver.. . a couple tbsp I believe,
~ tomato juice,
~ lime juice,
~ sea salt
~ tabasco sauce
~ whey

Tobasco makes me wanna barf when I just smell it so I did not include it. Another recipe on the page adds Rapurda (natural cane sugar) so I added some sugar to the above recipe too. I added some Kombucha Tea to the recipe because I didn't have any whey left. Blend finely and chug away.

My 4 year & 13 year old said they liked it and drank about 1 oz. Hubby & I chugged 2 oz and the other kids took a sip. It was ok if you don't smell it. Then it hit bottom. Then I tasted liver and made my mind blank so it didn't come back up. I was hoping the raw tasted better than the cooked. Not so for me. Hubby said he'll try very hard to NOT drink that again! LOL!

I am shocked that I actually look forward to trying this kind of stuff. Hopefully the good flavors outweight the bad ones. If I strike out too many times I may be turned off forever! LOL!

The Tuna I made a few days ago is getting milder in flavor. I haven't tried the salmon again, but hubby and my eldest like it the best. It seems my body doesn't need more than 4-5 pieces to notice a change. Yesterday I had about 5 and today my bowels are moving and feeling good.

Tonight, after working out our meal consisted of these things raw:

~ pineapple
~ paypaya
~ red pepper
~ cucumbers
~ salmon & tuna
~ cinnamon apple pieces
~ mango
~ tangerines
~ the liver tonic
the only cooked food was the lobster/crab flakes that is our 'junk food' for the day.

My hubby sat there, with his plate filled and stated how amazed he is with the changes in his attitude over the past 2 years. When I started this kind of meal (we call buffet), he was so upset because he didn't think he'd get full without his cooked meat & potatoes & such. We've found that when we eat raw like this (even before adding the raw meat) we get full so much faster. And it is a satisfied full that doesn't lead to huge cravings later like when we would eat pasta or rice, etc.

So everyone knows... I am not the kind of person that totally enjoys veggies. I love sweets, ice-cream, BREAD, pasta... etc. Veggies have never been something I enjoyed. I have learned one little trick, though:

I force myself to eat ONE bite everytime something is served. That's all. I require that for my kids too. I've found that after about 2 weeks, my taste buds are accustomed to that veggie and I soon like it and have no problem eating those things. This raw meat experiment seems to be going the same way. It is all 'power of the mind' attitude. I am glad I am able to conquer it!

Now, I wonder if this will work for mushrooms, grapefruit and celery for me... hmmm.. not sure since the smell makes me wanna vomit.

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Anonymous said...

For the liver tonic, try keeping the liver frozen and grating it with a microplane. Just add some freshly-squeezed orange juice or lemon juice and whey. You won't taste a thing!