Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just because it worked the first time....

I went on Sat & Monday to the myofascial trigger point therapist. It had been several weeks since my last visit and my body was highly stressed and tense. The last visit didn't give me nearly as much relief as the visit before where my pain was nearly gone for several months.

The strangest things started to happen. He'd work on my subscapularis area and my headache would be gone! Then he'd work on my ribs and it would come back. So he started 'digging' deeper and was shocked at what he found: My tailbone is a trainwreck. Total mess in my SI joint (surprise, surprise). So he worked on my low back & SI areas only to find the real culprit (outside my foot issue) is that my pubis symphysis is un stable, messing up my whole pelvic girdle, which messes up L4/L5, which messes up T6 which messes up my rhomboids which pulls on my neck giving me chronic headaches. Gah! The foot bone is connected to the...... eeeeee!

So I was told to go to the chiropractor and request a specific adjustment for my pelvis and see what happens. If I have pain within 24 hours then the problem is loose ligaments in my 'groin' area that is attached to the pubic sympnysis. This means there is probably nothing that can be done and my search for relief will never come to an end. There is a slight chance that Prolotherapy may help. Prolotherapy involves injecting amino acids & stuff into the problem tendons several times a month for 12-18 months ..... *yeowch!* and the cost is like getting braces.

Needless to say, today I feel like a truck ran me over. I am crossing my fingers that I can go to the gym tomorrow. I have to refrain from the HIT until things get settled down. With everything out of whack, heavy weights are causing me damage. **insert curse word of choice here** I will continue as usual: do what I can when I can and not get too discouraged. I think I will need to go back to my doc to get my script for Celebrex refilled. Sulfasalazine makes me very sick lately so that is out of my diet.

I have started looking into CellFood and will probably try that. They have one with silica to help strengthen the skeletal system.

I'm hoping my hcg will show up end of this week. That would be nice.

I also learned today that raw lamb is better ground up than diced in small pieces. Especially in tacos. I cannot handle gristle!

I finished an adorable sculpt today while being forced to sit all day on the couch. I hve to take a couple photos and will post on my sculpting blog maybe tomorrow.

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cindyg said...

Hello. I am female, 43 yo, having AS for who knows how long, but detected 3 yrs ago. My son got it shortly after me at age 10. We have struggled with trying many things, food grade h2o2, etc.. Diet changes, looking for best relief, non steroidal etc.. For the first time we both are experiencing remission coming to fruition slowly by healingnaturallybybee
It is similar to a lot of what you have discovered yourself. You sound like a neat person and I want to share this with as many people as possible! Oh, my son has crohn's and myself ibs (just don't think I had the damage for a crohn's diagnosis yet), naturally both with a leaky gut. Golemonc@yahoo.com
Hugs and best to you!