Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pyramid workout

Pyramid workout I just learned about that may work for my body:

For incline barbell press (seated in a laid back position, barbell in each hand and pressing from shoulder height to fully extended above my head)

15 lbs for 10 reps
20 lbs for 8 reps
25 lbs for 6 reps
30 lbs for 4 reps

This is to be done for all workouts each week, then next week start the process at the 2nd poundage and increase the weights accordingly.

I did this for all my workouts on Thursday. I did not perform squats or bench press to not stress out too much. I could really feel the burn in a different way in my muscles. AND the pain/fatigue did not seem too great the next day. Today I feel a bit stiff, but not too bad. I haven't decided if I will workout today or not. One day of rest btwn workouts. I will decide after hubby comes home from work and I go shopping for my 5 yo's birthday present.

I posted my new sculpt on my sculpting blog so make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just because it worked the first time....

I went on Sat & Monday to the myofascial trigger point therapist. It had been several weeks since my last visit and my body was highly stressed and tense. The last visit didn't give me nearly as much relief as the visit before where my pain was nearly gone for several months.

The strangest things started to happen. He'd work on my subscapularis area and my headache would be gone! Then he'd work on my ribs and it would come back. So he started 'digging' deeper and was shocked at what he found: My tailbone is a trainwreck. Total mess in my SI joint (surprise, surprise). So he worked on my low back & SI areas only to find the real culprit (outside my foot issue) is that my pubis symphysis is un stable, messing up my whole pelvic girdle, which messes up L4/L5, which messes up T6 which messes up my rhomboids which pulls on my neck giving me chronic headaches. Gah! The foot bone is connected to the...... eeeeee!

So I was told to go to the chiropractor and request a specific adjustment for my pelvis and see what happens. If I have pain within 24 hours then the problem is loose ligaments in my 'groin' area that is attached to the pubic sympnysis. This means there is probably nothing that can be done and my search for relief will never come to an end. There is a slight chance that Prolotherapy may help. Prolotherapy involves injecting amino acids & stuff into the problem tendons several times a month for 12-18 months ..... *yeowch!* and the cost is like getting braces.

Needless to say, today I feel like a truck ran me over. I am crossing my fingers that I can go to the gym tomorrow. I have to refrain from the HIT until things get settled down. With everything out of whack, heavy weights are causing me damage. **insert curse word of choice here** I will continue as usual: do what I can when I can and not get too discouraged. I think I will need to go back to my doc to get my script for Celebrex refilled. Sulfasalazine makes me very sick lately so that is out of my diet.

I have started looking into CellFood and will probably try that. They have one with silica to help strengthen the skeletal system.

I'm hoping my hcg will show up end of this week. That would be nice.

I also learned today that raw lamb is better ground up than diced in small pieces. Especially in tacos. I cannot handle gristle!

I finished an adorable sculpt today while being forced to sit all day on the couch. I hve to take a couple photos and will post on my sculpting blog maybe tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok, so I have nothing exciting or new to post here. My hcg is on it's way and I'm still trying to determine the issues in my body. Mostly I wanted to have a new post up that didn't bring back the memories of that liver tonic! LOL!

I was reminded of something just a few minutes ago. I haven't been in contact with my little brother for about 3 years and for Christmas, I finally got ahold of his number thru mutal friends and called him. Somewhere in the middle of a 7 hour long conversation, he asks me if I know anything that can help him increase his appetite. He hardly ever eats and is bothered by it. Hmmmm.... I also remembered meeting my birth uncle about 13 years ago(my brother & I were adopted at age 4 & 5) and remembered him talking about how he has no appetite either and tends to force down smoothies to get nourishment.

So now I am wondering what connection this has. Maybe the hashimoto's low thyroid is the cause. Hard to say if anyone else has it.

As you can tell by my blog, I am working hard at eating healthy foods. Yes, I eat ice-cream sometimes and corn tortilla chips, occasionally I eat a piece of pizza, but as I really look at my diet, it is pretty darn healthy. I am now exercising and training at the gym as my body allows. So why am I not losing? I hate to admit this, but I am not losing, only slowly gaining. I know some of it is muscle growth, but in my belly? Right now I'm in the super-bloated time so my mood and ambition is stamped down some. grrrrrhhh.....


As much as I didn't want to do hcg protocol again, I will pick up the pack and start back down that trail again. I am hoping to receive the shipment sometime after 7 days.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liver Tonic?!

I was very daring tonight.

We got back from the gym and the beef liver was fully thawed. I was going to cook liver & onions for hubby after our workout, but then realized it will taste better if soaked in lemon juice first. I am hoping it will taste good prepared this way. I guess tomorrow I will find out.

My daring part: I have a recipe in the Nourishing Traditions book for a Liver Tonic that helps for those with tuberculosis & athletes. I'm not exactly sure what it helps, but I've learned that all raw glands & organs are very good to help our own glands/organs heal or stay healthy. The recipe:

~ raw liver.. . a couple tbsp I believe,
~ tomato juice,
~ lime juice,
~ sea salt
~ tabasco sauce
~ whey

Tobasco makes me wanna barf when I just smell it so I did not include it. Another recipe on the page adds Rapurda (natural cane sugar) so I added some sugar to the above recipe too. I added some Kombucha Tea to the recipe because I didn't have any whey left. Blend finely and chug away.

My 4 year & 13 year old said they liked it and drank about 1 oz. Hubby & I chugged 2 oz and the other kids took a sip. It was ok if you don't smell it. Then it hit bottom. Then I tasted liver and made my mind blank so it didn't come back up. I was hoping the raw tasted better than the cooked. Not so for me. Hubby said he'll try very hard to NOT drink that again! LOL!

I am shocked that I actually look forward to trying this kind of stuff. Hopefully the good flavors outweight the bad ones. If I strike out too many times I may be turned off forever! LOL!

The Tuna I made a few days ago is getting milder in flavor. I haven't tried the salmon again, but hubby and my eldest like it the best. It seems my body doesn't need more than 4-5 pieces to notice a change. Yesterday I had about 5 and today my bowels are moving and feeling good.

Tonight, after working out our meal consisted of these things raw:

~ pineapple
~ paypaya
~ red pepper
~ cucumbers
~ salmon & tuna
~ cinnamon apple pieces
~ mango
~ tangerines
~ the liver tonic
the only cooked food was the lobster/crab flakes that is our 'junk food' for the day.

My hubby sat there, with his plate filled and stated how amazed he is with the changes in his attitude over the past 2 years. When I started this kind of meal (we call buffet), he was so upset because he didn't think he'd get full without his cooked meat & potatoes & such. We've found that when we eat raw like this (even before adding the raw meat) we get full so much faster. And it is a satisfied full that doesn't lead to huge cravings later like when we would eat pasta or rice, etc.

So everyone knows... I am not the kind of person that totally enjoys veggies. I love sweets, ice-cream, BREAD, pasta... etc. Veggies have never been something I enjoyed. I have learned one little trick, though:

I force myself to eat ONE bite everytime something is served. That's all. I require that for my kids too. I've found that after about 2 weeks, my taste buds are accustomed to that veggie and I soon like it and have no problem eating those things. This raw meat experiment seems to be going the same way. It is all 'power of the mind' attitude. I am glad I am able to conquer it!

Now, I wonder if this will work for mushrooms, grapefruit and celery for me... hmmm.. not sure since the smell makes me wanna vomit.

Monday, January 18, 2010


A discussion about salt.

Some items of information to digest:

Typical, iodized table salt is chemically manufactured and has added chemicals in it to make it 'free flowing'. Usually the added chemical is an aluminum derivative which means 'toxic'. Refining of salt reduces nearly all the micro-minerals and nutrients (esp magnesium), so potassium iodide is added in toxic amts and it is bleached to make it white. Sounds similar to our chemically processed flour & sugar!

Consumption of this form of salt causes thyroid problems that are the same as iodine deficiency...


Research has found that people who consume large amts of refined salt have evidence of sodium starvation in their tissues! Our bodies CANNOT absorb it! Something to think about for those people who are always craving salt. If you are not absorbing the nutrients like iodine & sodium & chloride, etc, then your glandular system (thyroid) will not work properly!

Those with weak adrenals lose salt in their urine and need more salt in their diet.

Those who consume excessive salt tend to have problems with osteoperosis because calcium is excreted in their urine. Potassium is also depleted.

The best forms of salt:

Sun-dried sea salt that is grey & wet. (Celtic is THE best form). This will have 'dead' sea critters that help contribute iodine to our diet.

Pink/Red sea salt is 2nd best.

Unrefined salt that comes from ancient sea beds is acceptable, but lacks iodine.

If you eat mostly cooked foods, your intake of salt needs to be higher because it is a powerful enzyme activator which helps with digestion.

If you eat mostly or entirely raw, your need for added salt will be less because the enzymes in the raw food will suffice.

Other good sources of sodium is broth made from meat and animal bones/cartiledge. Broth made from fish carcasses is one of the best ways to support thyroid function as well as a digestion aid.

To sum this all up:

STAY AWAY from the cheap iodized salt. It does more harm to your body than good. In fact, there is nothing at all good about it so get rid of it. The only thing table salt is good for is to make homemade playdough for the kids!

Spend a little extra on Celtic Sea salt or Real salt. You will nourish your body so much better and will probably stop those crazy salt cravings that cause you to waste your money on unhealthy foods that don't feed your body, thus creating a cycle of poor eating habits because your body is starved for nutrients.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

raw fish... no bad if you like fish

I made marinated salmon and tuna this past week. I was very surprised at the flavor and the texture. They both ended up appearing cooked after soaking in lime juice for 24 hours. I am not a huge fish fan, but am trying very hard to get my tastebuds accustomed to it because it is SO healthy. Salmon is too fishy for me. The tuna was acceptable and highly tolerable. My gag reaction is nearly gone now when I try the raw meat. My hubby LOVES both. He loves fish anyway. Fish has to be marinated to kill any possible parasites since freezing it like other meats is not recommended. It makes fish mushy. sushi is actually not recommended because it is not marinated and has a higher incidence of parasite infestations. I've never had sushi.

I have noticed all week I had my usual food cravings and constipation was creating issues. I am going to thaw the lamb leg and make more kibbeh for raw tacos for next week. I felt better and my gut moved much better too. hmmm.... this is ending up to be quite an interesting experiment!

Last night I ordered some more hCG to start another round when it arrives, hopefully in 2 weeks. My last attempt was end of July. I believe I pushed my body too far by not having adequate breaks between rounds. I was being impatient and pushing the losses too hard. I hope that the hormone therapy and exercise regiment will help me stabalize. It is hard to say because I also deal with the autoimmune thyroid problem. So there's a chance I may have to always do a round of protocol each year because of it. Who knows. I will search and fight until I get there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon:

After 5 years of hearing about this book, I finally bought it!

The information in that book is AMAZING! Esp when reading how our diets have changed thru modernization and our epidemic of disease, esp autoimmune, are because of it.

Today is our family's study on oats. Initially eating oats has a detox/chelating effect, but then it starts to break down and damage our guts, causing chron's, celiac, arthritis, lupus, IBS, candiditis, etc. This goes for all grains.

Eating 'regular' grains causes our bodies to become deficient in magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium because of the phytic acid that our bodies cannot break down properly.I never knew! It makes sense, esp when I consider how many 'diseases' there are relating to lack of these nutrients. Epilepsy is greater in those with lack of maganese, magnesium, calcium, vit D, vit B, etc. The way to combat these problems is simple: SOAK your oats for 12+ hours with something a bit acidic (lemon/whey/vinegar) before cooking!!! Other grains need a different soak approach, though.

Since Christmas we've started some of the recipes. Last week we had Kibbeh. It is really, really good, if I don't think on the fact it is raw lamb! LOL! gag reflex is all in my head with the texture! my kids had no clue it was raw and enjoyed it quite well. It worked better for us in the form of tacos with salsa to help cover the texture a bit. The recipe lasted enough for a serving a day per person for a week

Also, making soup broth the RIGHT way helps heal our guts and helps our bodies digest minerals and micro nutrients because of the geletain! Who'd a thunk?

I'm excited because there are recipes for things like eggplant (has anti-seizure compounds) that show the proper way to cook things and make them actually taste good (soak it in a bit of salt to remove the bitterness!).

I've been fermenting a few things here & there (salsa & pickles) and found an excellent 'salsa-type' food called Chutney made with paypaya, onion, red pepper, lime juice, whey, sea salt & water. Very unique but helps increase enzymes in our gut. Paypaya seeds can be dried and ground and added to food for enzyme help too. Chutney is mixed into things like a salsa, but especially on meat.

I'm excited and wanted to share the info in case anybody wanted to search thru the book in their local library and try some nourishing recipes.

And, I believe this book is an important part of healing our guts. Until now, I had only an inkling on how to do that. Now, I feel that I have a great arsenal on the road to recovery for all my family.

This week we haven't had any raw meat and I can feel a difference. My craving for junk is much higher these past few days and my energy is quite low too. My daughter with the seizures looks to be on a bad week. I think she's having night ones. My thoughts are the diet and way food is prepared to assimilate nutrients properly may have a direct relationship with her seizures. Only time will tell. Her blood tests showed that she is very much lacking most nutrients, esp the B's. I'm positive the raw meat will help her!

Time to take a trip to the store to get maybe some fish this week to try raw. Supposedly that is one of the best things to eat, esp in the form of a soup broth made from the bones & heads. sounds gross, but so far every recipe I've made in the book has been superbly delicious (and I am a very picky eater in a sense when it comes to taste!)


On the exercise front, I am disappointed in the lack of time at the gym because of my body's failings. Going every other day seems to be too much for me. Over the week of the New Year, we had not gone to the gym and I was sure that I had lost a lot. Surprisingly, I did not really lose anything. In 2 sessions, I was able to increase many of my weights!

My low back/SI area have de-stabalized with the intense workouts so I've had to change my workout to using weights on upper body only and working on my legs using a bike. (blech) I've reduced my workouts to rest 2 days btwn which seems to help my current issues. Once I'm more stable, I will be back to increase the training as my body permits!