Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hCG sale

I am passing on this ANNOUNCEMENT from Pharmacy Escrow!!

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How does it work?

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Friday, August 20, 2010

update on the sleep issues and hubby

Hubby was on the sleep tea for about a week and a half. The days he'd forget (or I forgot to make it) he'd sleep poorly and snore again. So we kept doing it until this past weekend and he said he wanted to try it without. So far he's doing well. He's got a sinus thing going on which is causing him to feel crappy, but otherwise when he sleeps, he says he sleeps like a dead person.

A side note: do not use too much sage, because it can cause odd things if you are sensitive. I have a typical sage plant which is very very mild and do not measure exactly how much I used so a couple times I used too much and it made him feel odd. He said he could wake up to pee, but felt 'out of it'.

Things going on with me is that I am still feeling really good about myself. This seems to be a lasting breakthrough and I am excited. I think I am going to switch docs when I find the number of my friend's doc and see what he says about my Rt3 and such. I still have several heart palps a day, but the usual fatigue isn't so overwhelming. I am still taking homeopathic cell salts when I remember and I think I shall start back up on the supplements. Maybe not so much dessicated adrenal one since that may have been the one to give me tummy aches.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sleep issues can be easily resolved!

Here's a tea recipe I just found out that helps regulate REM sleep. This is esp. important for those that seem to never get sleep at night (like my hubby). It should only take a week of drinking this every night to set things right in your brain. I believe this is an old Native American recipe, but I'm not for sure. My best friend told me about this and one particular client who used this after not 'sleeping' for 20 years. After a week of this tea, he was able to sleep fully!

2 TBSP rosemary
1 tsp sage
bit of peppermint/lemon balm/catmint

Drink before bed. My hubby is on night #3 and so far we've had 3 nights of NO SNORING! I cannot sleep anymore because I keep wondering if he died! LOL! So far he says he only wakes up once or twice instead of his usual hourly wakings. No tossing & turning and his moods the next day are more peaceful!


The sage is what helps the brain to calm down and get the sleep hormones regulated so make sure you don't 'overdose' on the sage. You can use dried or fresh, I believe.

Another recipe I recently read about:

lemon balm,
catmint (catnip)

No particular measurements. If you make this one very strong, you will be asleep very quickly as well. I'm not sure if this one restores function like the one above.

So, if you decide to try one of these, post your results!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Off topic a bit, just because!

On to the off-topic part of this post. Since I somewhat un-school, I like to create life-application projects for the kids to do. A couple years ago they had to create something to sell at a local Farmer's Market and learn all about buying & selling. They still talk about it to this day! This year we've decided to write and publish a magazine to get them to further develop their writing and creative skills. The goal is to get other kids, esp homeschooling kids, to find a new interest in writing and sharing. Maybe even write articles about things they've learned so other kids can read about it and learn too. There's just something special when a kid learns something and teaches it to another kid as they play together.

So here it is:

Click on the image and you can get a small peek at the magazine for those that are interested. The kids only get $1.55 for each magazine that sells so this is not about making money. Right now the publisher has a 25% discount sale so it will be even cheaper for those purchased now. This is a good diversion for our family as we've been dealing with a lot of seizures with the middle child and this past week our eldest has had several night ones! Add a broken leg to the mix and well, we've had one heck of a summer already!

Until the kids fully understand the graphic arts and putting things together, I help them in those areas. Otherwise they've written pretty much everything else in the magazine! They are hoping kids from everywhere will start participating. I am so proud of them!!


We went rustic camping last weekend and I was a little bummed because I didn't have a suit that fit right. Big boobs really are a curse. But, luck was with me on Friday when we were shopping for suits for the girls. Boy do they grow up fast! Anyway, I found a suit top that fit wonderfully and actually looked nice enough for me to consider strutting! LOL! So camping went well and the kids had a blast and I got to swim!! woohoo!!

I went off hcg for a break and have not started up yet. I have been going thru another season of emotional growth, I think because I really feel ok with how I look right now. I am completely shocking myself! LOL! Hubby's been taking the cell salts for his thyroid and we realized the other day that he is healing!! I am always a tad skeptical with anything actually working, whether px or natural. So far the homeopathy has not failed me yet!

So how do I know his thyroid is on the mend? For the first time in years he has interest in flirting with me & following thru with the flirt! I know, TMI, but I never realized how much the thyroid regulates desire for intimacy until my friend started dessicated thyroid and her drive went from 0 to 100 and was shocked! So that was the first change.

2nd change: he takes the remedies in the morning and he is not so drop-dead tired all day. He says he hits a 2:30 slump where the keyboard tells him he is zoning by spelling out ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt for a couple lines!

3rd change: He is coming home and NOT GRUMPY!

4th change: his intestines are actually digesting food. He's suffered with IBS since his tour in Desert Storm in 1991. This makes sense because this kind of trauma will really throw the endocrine system out of whack. He ate corn the other day and normally it comes out within an hour. It took a full 24 hours before being seen again! He seems to be having less and less IBS flares too.

Those are the immediate changes I see in him. His overall moodiness is getting less and he's been reading to the kids every night for a couple weeks! I am SO proud of him!!

I stopped the Armour and started the remedies too. It seems to take about 2 hours to start working and waking me up in the morning but I noticed it takes the edge off my pain as well. The smallest changes are noticed and I'm getting OK with how I look. (insert BIG smile!)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reverse T3

I had to start protocol again because I listened to the doc's advice and stopped dairy and started back on the thyroid meds. I gained 5 lbs in a week!

Thankfully the hcg is getting it back off.

I finally got my lab results. I've been researching the meanings because the doc 'needs' to see me ($95 visit) to discuss the results. I think I may call tomorrow and explain that I am not spending $95 for her to tell me labs are normal. I will go in if they are not normal and she has a treatment plan. I'm really tired of the BS that steals my money. I do have a back up plan. My friend found a more local doc that is not intimidated by patients and is a good doc for helping people with thyroid problems.

Here are my latest results. (I am shocked she didn't take complete thyroid panel since it's been almost 2 years!):

Reverse T3: 366
Candida IgA: positive
Vit D3: 42 (seems it should be above 50)
H-pylori: negative

I was mostly interested in the Reverse T3, which will state if my body is storing my thyroid hormones or not. I've found 2 sites about these levels. Supposedly there is more meaning when compared to Free T3 at the same time. Both were not taken at this last drawing (grh). One site said anything above 150 is bad. Another said anything above 250 is bad. So it seems that my thyroid may be 'bad'. Surprise, surprise.

By taking Armour, I increase this RT3 problem and it takes 6 weeks or so of no medication to get my body fully emptied of the RT3. Before this test was taken, I had stopped the Armour and only took it occasionally because it didn't really seem to help. So if my labs were still high and I had not been regular on meds, that makes me wonder how high it would have been if I was taking it like I should have! The therapy to reverse this problem is to take a T3 only medication (like synthroid). The very thing I asked her to do with me awhile back and she said that therapy didn't work. So, I am really curious to what she will do.

ahhhh, the saga continues.....

Here's a few sites I've wandered across in researching:

weight loss and hormones (confirmation about the whole leptin and low carb diets I found about last fall among other things that puts pieces together)

Stop The Thyroid Madness (an excellent website about thyroid and un-diagnosed thyroid problems and what to do about it.)

RT3 and thyroid resistance (a compilation of information from a yahoo group called RT3)

* * * * * * * *

Another interesting note, I found that there is a little-diagnosed disease often called Hashimoto's Encephalopahty. Sometimes, people with hashimoto's gets the thyroid antibodies attacking the brain. Symptoms in pediatric patients: seizures, trembling, loss of memory, convulsions, lowered brain function.....

When I read this, I felt a sudden leap in my gut. My 9 yo daughter has hashi's and recently has been having all those symptoms! The anti-seizure meds don't seem to be doing anything. So, hopefully one of the 2 docs will listen and consider the possibility! The treatment would be just like when her kidney flared several years ago: steroids/low doses of chemo drugs to stop the flare. While I'm not too happy about those meds, they are less toxic than the seizure meds!

* * * * * * * * *

maybe I am getting closer to a healing!

Monday, June 7, 2010

lab tests are in

Dr appt today showed my hormones are all normal! Imagine that.... (sarcasm here). She even said to not continue the bioidentical hormone therapy for several months.

She's doing a Free T3 blood test, among a couple others. I am curious with the T3 because it shows how much T3 my body is actually absorbing. The normal tests show how much my body is making. SO if this test is 'off' then I will be correct with my idea that the whole Wilson's temperature syndrome is my problem that needs T3 therapy. (That would be awesome, wouldn't it? That I may have been right all along? hmmmm..... )

She also has no idea why my weight is not stabilizing and thinks I should stop eating dairy because my blood iGA tests from awhile ago showed I was allergic to caseine (milk protein). I asked if raw milk protein was the same as processed milk protein because the processing changes the structure. And she was stumped. Since I was eating both processed milk (ice cream) and raw for the test, it is inconclusive to know what the truth really is.

She also wants me to start some very expensive cleanse and supplements for gastric upset/ulcers even though I don't have an ulcer. The dairy fasting will be hard, but my cravings haven't been so much lately anyway. I drink the raw milk smoothies to get food and probiotics in me since drinking food feels better in my gut than solid food. The other things will have to wait because my money is being spent carefully on more important things. This could all be a regression healing since I remember having similar gut-things happen in College. I lost weight then because I couldn't eat from a stupidly-traumatic event. This will be interesting to see what happens. Maybe I'll stick with the homeopathy and find if my constitutional remedy has changed.

On another note, my 9 yo is having increased seizure activity and it's been overwhelming this past week. My 4 yo gets his cast off his leg tomorrow (hopefully) and soon summer weather will stay and keep me warm. Strawberry picking time is upon us and I'm hoping to get to the fields in the middle of all this rain! My 6 yo son is showing a special talent with Fencing and his instructor wants to take him to his college class and show off! LOL! My other 2 are glowing in creativity and are starting a homeschooling magazine like 'Highlight's for Kids'.

Life is always interesting, eh?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The past several weeks have been odd for me. All symptoms pointed towards pregnancy: Nausea, missing period, mood swings, breast tenderness, peeing all the time, heaviness in my uterus, very irritable, major nausea, my skin was glowing, hubby was very, very interested in my glow.... And the strange impulse to buy folic acid on my last supplement purchase several weeks ago before I even considered pregnancy. I NEVER buy folic acid!

I called my doc for a blood test to confirm. She ordered all my hormones to be tested plus a quantitative hcg test on Thursday. Friday we left to travel to the other side of the state to visit relatives and I called the nurse to find out the initial results. She said that I was not pregnant and with such low progesterone levels it meant my body was going into preterm menopause.

I just turned 36 years old.

That information really helped to make my weekend suck unbelievably!

Saturday I started bleeding small chunks. (sorry, TMI, I know) Nothing heavy and no cramping. Not even cramping like a period cramp. Spotted a couple days.

I talked with my homeopathist friend about this all and after taking a lot of notes, she says she believes I was/is pregnant too. And to wait 2 weeks to see if anything happens different with the bleeding.

The hCG test the doc ordered is not one that actually determines if a person is pregnant or not, unless it is done 2 days apart to determine if the hcg is increasing or decreasing. Not enough progesterone will automatically miscarry the baby anyway.

So I will be spending money and time on Monday on another visit to the doc to find out what the 'tests' say is wrong with me. I am getting skeptical lately of being pushed into expensive supplements, shots, therapies, etc. all the time. I understand the importance of bio-identical hormone therapy and other things, but it seems like the more I take, the worse I get. Going into menopause so early is a very, very bad thing to be doing.

The diagnosis is not sitting well in my 'gut'. I guess we'll see what happens on Monday. Hopefully her suggestions will help to reverse the damage to my body!

Add to that my middle child is having more seizures (3 in the month of May), each one different and I'm thinking that the meds are doing this. I know when compared to others that have 200 a day it doesn't seem like such a bad thing, but they are all still traumatic nontheless. So now what? The more we try, the worse we all get. I wish God would put his healing finger on us, or at least my daughter. But I know that His will is up to His timing and for His glory.

That is my update and I'm hoping the next one will be better news!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

cell salts WORK!

I am totally shocked. Well, actually, with my limited dealings with homeopathy I am not really surprised. But I am every happy and excited that the whole Cell Salt part of homeopathy works very quickly and well! I just got in my order of Hyland's Cell salts 6x strength and after having a very hard day working outside I could barely walk. My feet were screaming and my low back was ready to fall off. How that is possible, I have no idea, but that's what it was doing! LOL!

So I looked up the remedies for my problems, starting with my feet because they were screaming the worst and I had to make Chili yet...ugh... so I took the 3 or 4 ones suggested and continued cooking the beef. My daughter came in with her rice bag to heat up and I found her remedy to see what would happen. By that time I realized my feet were cooling down and the throbbing was GONE! My eldest was complaining about her scapulae pain and I found one for her. She just walked by me, hugged me and said "mom, my shoulder is feeling better! THANKS!' After my feet settled down, I looked for dealing with my severe low back/sciatica/hip pain and am waiting to see what happens there. My low back seems to be improving as I type. Hips are still painful. But if all that happens now is my feet.. woohooo!! I gave some to the dog for his chronic itching all night. Drives me BONKERS! So now to work on the remedies for thyroid problems. I'm gonna hit this problem with a full arsenal!

Not a whole lot to talk about. Hubby & I started protocol again. We are just starving so maybe that is a good thing. The thing I hate the most is the chronic thirst that happens with protocol. Actually, now that I think of it, I recall that the rounds I lose the best are those where I am the most thirsty! hmmm... *brain is thinking now..*

My son has his red cast on his leg and it will be an interesting next 4 weeks. Thankfully I figured out that Chamomile remedy stops his itching anger spaz thing he does when his leg starts to bother and itch him. It also helps him when he gets the whole 'HELP ME NOW' and when you help him he yells because you didn't help the exact, perfect right way! argh!
This too shall pass....
kids are fun....kids are fun....kids..are..fun.........kids........are.......f...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bad, bad week

My daughter started the week with a seizure and my 4 year old son ended the week with a broken leg! So this week has been quite an interesting & somewhat stressful one for me.

I ran out of the niacin supplement and got a different one that was not flush free. Oh My Goodness!! Niacin flush is NOT fun at all! My kids got it first. I looked over at 3 suddenly fussing kids and watched them grow beet-red in minutes!! It took my body 4 hours to start burning. GAH!! When hubby got home I asked him if he suddenly got hot and burning today. YES! LOL! It was funny to hear him talk about his experience too. So now I'm afraid to try that type of niacin again.

A new friend is wanting to start protocol and I will probably be starting a round with her whenever she is ready.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

maintaining quite well

For the first time in a long time, my weight is stable. I notice my strange cravings for junk has gone completely away. Maybe due to the Vitamin C, E & B3 I've added. Or it could be from the homeopathic constitutional remedy I've been using as well. My gut seems to be alive, which is a very exciting thing for me.

I believe my thyroid is starting up again too. Not sure if this is part of hashi's where some days it works and other days it doesn't. My temp seems to be on the up instead of on the low. I'll have to remember to take my actual temp later to know for sure.I've had great energy and have done a TON of work outside. I still need time to recover the next morning, but my recoveries are not weeks long like they were last summer. **Yea for me!!**

And the best part is my sense of peace inside me. I have more days of life satisfaction than I have un-satisfaction and the insanity residing in that brain fog seems to be going away! YEEEEEE!!! LOL! It is still there, though as really, really stupid things are being done by me on occasion. You know, things like not realizing I turned the butter on the stove, then went outside to pick some things up. I didn't realize flames could go so high! Thankfully, God's hand was on us and no real damage happened. The hood can be replaced. Ah, such fun life is! And this happened a couple hours after talking with our insurance agent about the changes in our policy with the deductable. I told him to keep it the way it was because knowing me, I'd beat those odds of experiencing another house fire!

Well, I'd better get going. My friend has some mini-cows and dwarf dairy goats I wanted to see and the kids want to play with her kids. Life is grand!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sourdough Pancakes: YUM!!

Here's the recipe. Hopefully your starter culture is bubbling nicely and smells yeasty. If not, then wait a few more days.


You have to get a jump on pancakes made with sourdough starter by starting the night before.

• 2 cups All-Purpose flour
• 1 tablespoon Sugar
• 2 cups Buttermilk, slightly warmed (I use raw milk)
• 1 cup Sourdough starter

Combine the flour and sugar in a large bowl. Blend in the buttermilk and the sourdough starter. Cover and allow mixture to work overnight at room temperature.

• 2 Eggs (at room temperature)
• ¼ cup Melted butter or canola oil
• 1 teaspoon Salt
• 1 teaspoon Baking soda

In the morning, beat together the eggs, butter or oil, salt and soda. Blend this mixture into the starter mixture. Batter will bubble and foam. Drop by 1/4-cupfuls onto a medium-hot griddle and cook until large bubbles appear. Flip over and cook until browned. Makes about 15 pancakes. Serve with butter. Blueberry & peach jams are the BEST on these pancakes.

These are very yummy with butter and jams. The best part is this: after you add the butter & jelly, they roll up easily to eat with your hands! Hopefully you have homemade jams available that do not contain sugar & high fructose corn syrup. If not, then use raw honey or real maple syrup to keep these pancakes healthy.

Happy cooking!!

Don't be afraid to post a comment or question!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

cereal = death to rats!

All I can say is **WOW!!**Doctoryourself.com. What a website!

Since reading many pages on this website, I've started my family on higher doses of Vitamins C, E, B complex and Niacin (B3). It all makes sense. My middle child's blood tests showed she was deficient in so many areas and I asked her pediatrician which to take. His answer was 'the most important for her right now is a B complex, D and C'. So I was giving her a liquid one. After researching on the above website, I realize the amt in that liquid supplement was NOTHING in compared to what we actually need. For example, the Niacin was at 25 mg. We usually need anywhere from 1g to 9g, depending upon how deficient we are! Remember, 1000mg = 1g.

The other startling information was about vitamin C deficiency. We are all suffering with pre-scurvy symptoms! Joint pain & damage, fatigue, brain fog, mental instability, etc! WOW! It's like we are, as a society, teetering on the edge of an epidemic of scurvy!

It really makes sense, esp after learning that eating processed & raw grains depletes our bodies of minerals & vitamins. Add to that our nutrient-lacking soils from not rotating crops and that we have forgotten how to eat real foods. This doesn't surprise me.

Since changing our family's diet, slowly over the past few years, I've noticed changes for the better. We are not purists and do slip and eat something with hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup, but what can one do without living in a bubble? I am very happy to hear my 6 yo talk about not eating something because he knows it has high fructose corn syrup in it!

So, on that little note, here's a very interesting excerpt about some odd studies with rats & cereal:

* * * * * * * *
"The Rat Experiments

Let me tell you about two studies which were not published. The first was described by Paul Stitt who wrote about an experiment conducted by a cereal company in which four sets of rats were given special diets. One group received plain whole wheat, water and synthetic vitamins and minerals. A second group received puffed wheat (an extruded cereal), water and the same nutrient solution. A third set was given only water. A fourth set was given nothing but water and chemical nutrients. The rats that received the whole wheat lived over a year on this diet. The rats that got nothing but water and vitamins lived about two months. The animals on water alone lived about a month. But the company's own laboratory study showed that the rats given the vitamins, water and all the puffed wheat they wanted died within two weeks---they died before the rats that got no food at all. It wasn't a matter of the rats dying of malnutrition. Autopsy revealed dysfunction of the pancreas, liver and kidneys and degeneration of the nerves of the spine, all signs of insulin shock.

Results like these suggested that there was something actually very toxic in the puffed wheat itself! Proteins are very similar to certain toxins in molecular structure, and the pressure of the puffing process may produce chemical changes, which turn a nutritious grain into a poisonous substance.

Another unpublished experiment was carried out in the 1960s. Researchers at University of Michigan were given 18 laboratory rats. They were divided into three groups: one group received corn flakes and water; a second group was given the cardboard box that the corn flakes came in and water; the control group received rat chow and water. The rats in the control group remained in good health throughout the experiment. The rats eating the box became lethargic and eventually died of malnutrition. But the rats receiving the corn flakes and water died before the rats that were eating the box! (The last corn flake rat died the day the first box rat died.) But before death, the corn flake rats developed schizophrenic behavior, threw fits, bit each other and finally went into convulsions. The startling conclusion of this study is that there was more nourishment in the box than there was in the corn flakes.

This experiment was actually designed as a joke, but the results were far from funny. The results were never published and similar studies have not been conducted.
Most of America eats this kind of cereal. In fact, the USDA is gloating over the fact that children today get the vast majority of their important nutrients from the nutrients added to these boxed cereals.[/blockquote]

* * * * * * * *
Here's the link to the whole article: www.westonaprice.org/Dirty-Secrets-of-the-Food-Processing-Industry.html


FOR THOSE PARTICIPATING IN THE SOURDOUGH 'CHALLENGE', MAKE SURE YOU KEEP ADDING SOME FLOUR & WATER DAILY TO KEEP THE CULTURES ALIVE! If you notice some brown liquid on top, it is the alcohol byproduct of the fermenting and is a good sign. Just mix it into the culture and keep feeding it. If the alcohol gets too much, it will kill the whole thing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 2 of pancakes

Day 2 - day 5: add a tbsp or so of flour and water as needed. Stir the culture and re-cover lightly. If you get above the 3/4 fullness area you will have to dump some down the drain because it will start to bubble and will overflow the jar and make a mess.

If your culture is not bubbly by day 5, you may need a few extra days. Cooler kitchens will ferment slower and warmer kitchens will ferment quicker.

Lemme know if you have any questions! I have a GREAT article to post tomorrow. :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Pancakes EVER: Day 1

I could post just the recipe, but many get confused when dealing with a starter culture & all so I decided to post how I make it, day by day. Let me know if this is something you are following with me. By the end of 5 days, you will have the BEST pancakes you will ever eat. The best thing about these are the gluten is fermented OUT of the pancakes, so those that are sensitive/intolerant can have these too! To not get a damaged gut from grains, you must soak them to break down the phytic acid. So this recipe takes care of all problems associated with wheat! This is a great treat for everyone and you will actually be nourishing your family!

Day 1:

Things you will need:

Glass Jar with lid
1 cup of non-chlorinated water
spoon or butter knife
1 cup flour

Put the flour & water in the jar & mix around. I often mix with a butter knife because of it's length.

Find a glass jar with a fitting lid. Quart size or larger. I use caning jars with the white plastic lids. You can use an empty pickle or mayo or applesauce jar, as long as it is glass and you have a lid for it.

If you have chlorine in your water, just boil & cool the water. Chlorine will kill your cultures. You can use any type of flour and distilled or spring or boiled water.

The measurements are not precise with this, just use equal amounts of water and flour. It should appear thick like pancake batter or pudding. It is not a big deal if it is a bit runnier or thicker. Too thick will be more of a problem, though. Just add more water or flour to make the consistency acceptable.

Put the cover on loosely and let it sit on your kitchen counter.

If you add too much flour/water, the culture has a tendency to bubble over, which is why you need a larger container and why the lid should NEVER be on very tight.

***** to be continued tomorrow......*****

(hint: you will be adding some flour & water every day until it looks bubbly & smells like yeast. The length of time will be determined on the warmth of your kitchen. )

Post a comment and let me know if you are going to be doing this or if you have any questions or concerns!!

I can't wait to hear from you!


Side note... I am SO excited! I have been looking and looking all over for Stinging Nettle weed and have never encountered it while living here. It was everywhere where I grew up so much that I knew how to handle it without getting stung! I want it for the healing properties in tea to dry and be able to use. GUESS WHAT?! Somehow, it has appeared ABUNDANTLY in my back yard!!! WOOHOOOOO! God must have heard my plea and sent some seeds over! LOL! So today, the plants are about 8 inches tall, so I harvested some of them for their leaves & roots. yea!!!!!!!! **happy dance**

So for anybody that cares, I thought I'd share! lol!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new experiment

Can't say what it is exactly because I want to see it proven with me before I mention it. My friend tried it and was excited about the results so I figured I'd give it a whirl too.

Supposedly it helps remove toxins from fat thru the lymph system, which helps shrink the size of body fat. I tried one session of this last night while on hcg so we'll see what happens. Since I have to be up much earlier than my normal time, my morning weight is off. A more accurate weigh in happens after 9 for me.

For a quick update, my weight has pretty much stalled all week. Maybe due to stress. My middle child hit her eyebrow against the wall on Monday and needed 14 stitches total in 3 layers of tissue. That and major brake issues with our only vehicle has created a tad more stress than normal. Blech... My homeopathic remedy is still working quite well. Time to get the kids going for another busy day out & about!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

checking in

16 days on this round and I'm down 4.8 pounds.

My doc has determined that she will not help me thru the Wilson's Temperature Syndrome therapy and the other somewhat local doc has never worked with hashimoto's cases and charges $450. So that is out of the question. I met up with my homeopathist friend and we talked quite a long time and I've started a new remedy (Causticum) which should help deal with the trauma that has thrown my thyroid out of whack. I'm mostly interested in getting out of my trapped brain fog and finding true self.

The first day of taking the remedy I was stunned at who I saw in the mirror! Someone who is acceptable and looking good. I am finally shedding those horrible 'glasses' of disdain that I've viewed myself for many years now! I can feel the fog creep back over me, but within a minute or two, the remedy pushes it back. I'm sure it will take a bit longer for the full effects to be comnpletely there, but I can see the light! Strangely, I felt so good the first day I went on a long 2 mile walk with the family and carried my 4 yo on my back. The next day I was feeling a lot of pain and yesterday I swore a Mac truck had hit me. The physical pain was pretty bad, but my mind was not affected! How crazy! Then I remembered my accupuncturist telling me that it is healthier to have a sane mind and a sick body than the other way around. It means healing is happening. Yay!

My hubby's on Lycopodium and my one daughter is on Sulphur. So far everyone is responding shockingly well.

My weight has gone down 2.8 since Tuesday! This weekend I remembered the actual trauma that started this whole downward spiral. While I always remembered the event that was the trigger to a decade of struggle & strife; I had never put two and two together. So today I am smiling and thinking 'YES! This is soon over!' I actually feel thin and the blubber is not even affecting me like it did last week.

Today the pain is down again and things need to get done around the house. I must not over-do it again.

Until next time... BE HAPPY... mostly because SPRING IS HERE!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am ......

I was hoping to stabilize on p3 but I am not having such luck. I believe it is ALL water weight packing back on. I can feel the constant swelling and it is no fun.

2 weeks of p3 and I'm starting today back on p2.

I have been reading about the Wilson's Temperature Syndrome with renewed interest. It has taking me a bit to figure out my way around their website. One thing of interest that caught my eye was about the severe edema (water retention) that people have with low thyroid. The doctors there even suggest that Hashimoto's can often be reversed with a proper protocol of letting the thyroid rest and especially if current med treatment doesn't seem to be working. I am hoping my doc will take the time to read the information to help me. It even appears that my hubby is showing symptoms too!! If I could get him help, that would make a WORLD of difference in his life too. Give him back his energy & zest.. wow... I cannot imagine!

I was pretty excited to see the hcg protocol mentioned in the website in proving how hormones can be related to thyroid & other glandular problems. Half of pms symptoms are really thyroid issues: bloating, mood swings, irrational emotions, etc. It has been noticed, too, that many women with thyroid problems have 'remissions' during pregnancy due to the hcg!

If I can find a thermometer that actually works I will start taking my body temperature every 3 hours to see what is going on. Anything different than 98.6 is a problem because our body runs properly only at that temperature. Another tidbit I found interesting is about the symptom of retaining body fat. It happens because our body is 'cold' and the added mass helps retain body heat. Their example was about when people are cold, they hunch themselves into a ball to keep warm. This is a body instinct and when we are running even 1/2 a degree cold, our body holds onto fat and water to keep things warm.

I found 1 doc in my state that knows how to treat this problem, but he costs $450 for the first visit!! GAH! I thought my doctor was expensive! LOL! I found one in the next state over that is only $135 but 6 hours away? I think. hmm.. gotta figure this one out.

hmmm.. I KNOW I had a health tip I wanted to post, but I cannot remember right now. Oh well. It has been a very rough week for me emotionally. I noticed lately that I have become unusually foggy & nutty that is not me. It is like ME is trapped inside and I get very upset I am trapped! Thankfully yesterday it seemed to break away and I am a little better. I stumbled upon Lifetime or life tv or something like that a show called 'how to look good naked' that has touched me in a deep place in a good way.

I constantly reject myself as inadequate and ugly because of my fat. "I am who I think you think I am!" and THAT needs to change right NOW! I need to stop striving to please 'man' and just be who I am created to be.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

on p3 for now

On p3 now and enjoying eating again. Although, I still keep forgetting on many days. I'm focusing on getting in the calories needed to keep stable instead of gaining.

The unseasonably warm weather is making me hunger for spring already! Otherwise there's nothing much else to update on. I'm re-learning guitar and teaching my 2 eldest along with me. All the kids are wanting piano lessons, so we're busy with that. I picked up the meat and ground up the suet and found it works perfectly for cooking popcorn and anything else. I don't need to cook it down like I did the pig fat 2 years ago. Thankfully.. something that is easy! I've found that lard, suet & tallow are the 3 most stable & healthy fats to cook with at high temps (plus coocnut oil, but that is soooo expensive). Butter & olive oil should not be used at frying temps because they turn carconegenic at high heat. I think I will call the butcher and ask for the suet every time he gets some in. ... gotta put that on my list of things to remember to do.. now, where is my pen...... ***wanders off, only to get distracted with something like dishes or sweeping the floor for the umpteenth time today....***

One day soon I will have nothing to do and I will look back on all this in amazement that I survived! LOL! Ah, the joys of life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been hoovering for the past several days at 180.6, then yesterday hit 180.4.... I think I only have one day or half a day left of hcg and was HOPING to get to the 170's this round.... today I stepped on the scale and found 179.6!!!!

YES! I'm noticing the inches are being lessened. I haven't measured myself yet, but can see the changes in my rib fat as well as in my belly.

Here's an interesting article I found last night:
Hormonal Imbalances & Thyroid Disease.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

In a poll I posted on HTA forum, One member posted they were diagnosed with Wilson's Temperature Syndrome and I was curious. I found this very interesting article about this underdiagnosed problem that mimics low thyroid but there is no positive blood test to give doctors a clue. It is a syndrome caused by stress, which, if not taken care of will end up with later stages of thyroid disease among other things. I am putting a link to a good explanation of how weightloss is affected with T3 therapy. I am going to the doc on Monday and pick up more T3 supplements so I don't run out! I was slowing down their useage during protocol because I wasn't sure about their effectiveness. I have noticed that those days I take the acetyltyrosine, I do have better losses. hmmm.... more info to 'chew' on... I wonder how much T3 is too much or too little?

I posted a link to the Dr's Manual to this syndrome in my links to the right.

******** today's stats****
181.6 - 180.8

I will continue this round until my mixed hcg is gone. I am happy to see such good losses. OF course, I'm wishing they were quicker! LOL! But after researching stats of others on protocol with hashi's, and working with my friend in understanding low thyroid symptoms and how adrenals & pituitary glands are connected, I am getting a better picture of how the body works. SOON, I believe I will have the key to keeping my weight down when done with protocol!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

nearly there

182.6 - 182.0 = down 0.6 this morning.

I am so very disappointed I have to lose these pounds again. Last time I saw these numbers I was excited to think 'never again!'. But, alas. Such is life. I am on the end of my 3rd week and this week has been going very well with losses. I hope to be in the 170's by this weekend. Hopefully I can do it! I just have to stay strong.

Anyone notice how thirsty you get if you neglect drinking a ton of water during the day? Gah! I have just drank almost a gallon sitting here watching the first Transformers (previewing before the kids watch) and I am STILL so stinkin' thirsty! The water just flows right thru me. This is really a good thing, albeit, a very annoying problem to be hitting the bathroom so often.

Monday, February 22, 2010

week 3

weigh in this morning was 183.8

I upped my dose of hcg to .20ml because I was experiencing severe hunger pangs still. It's been several days on that dose and things are settled. TOM arrived so that may have had an effect as well.

I am supplementing with chromium and dessicated adrenal pills. My hubby has noticed a difference with the adrenals added to his supplements. My friend has shared some information she's been reading about on her journey with dealing with possible thyroid/hromone imbalances. High estrogen (or maybe it was sex hormone imbalances) is caused by a fatigued adrenal!

Another good note I found a somewhat local organic farmer that sells his beef & chickens at a good price, with processing the beef is 2.75 a pound if you buy half. I have to call the butcher with what kinds of cuts I want. I'm also asking for the organs and the soup bones. I hope to make a sausage with some of the organ meats. Everything I've read states that eating the organs will help support your own organs. I figure if I make it into an age-old sausage, it will be better. Now to find the recipe I grew up with called 'blood sausage'. YUM!! It was my favorite. My mom didn't use brains in the recipe, though, and the butcher will not extract the brains from the head but said I could do it if I wanted! LOL! Yeah, I don't think so!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

many day's updates

I didn't realize I was behind so many days!

F: 186.2
S: 185.4 : started tanning
S: 185.6 : resuming gym
M: 185.4 : gym & tanning
T: 185.0 :

I have added dessicated adrenal supplements to my regiment and I've been feeling really good. Hubby seems to be less fatigued as well.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Thurs: 187.6 - 187.0 = -0.6
Today: 187.0 - 186.2 = -0.8

I found a great rollerskating rink nearby that had hours for homeschoolers. The kids had SOOO much fun! I, however, made a fool of myself, I'm sure. I have not skated since age 17 or so..... and never on rollerblades! LOL! So, that was an experience out of my comfort zone in a HUGE way to actually put myself out there on rollerblades. Hopefully my courage will continue and eventually I will be able to skate better than my 4 year old once again! LOL!

For protocol, I bought some Melba toast for the first time and found it to be super scrumptious. I had read someone's thoughts on Dr S's words about those who do not have his specific foods available in their culture. He stated that there needs to be the appropriate amts of protein and starch. So the discussion was wondering if that little bit of melba toast has an effect on our stabalization and re-setting of our glandular system. It was intriguing enough of a concept for me, so I am trying it this round.

I did not get my 2 full doses of protein in yesterday because of all the running around I did and by the time things settled down enough for me to eat, it was too late. The Melba & strawberries curbed my hunger pains yesterday morning quite well. And now that I think back, I don't think I ate any protein yesterday... hmmm.. that is not a good thing to do too often! Oh well, on to a new day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


188.2 - 187.6
down 0.6 today

I am having starving hunger pains & lightheadedness so I am adjusting my dose from .125 to .150 to see if that helps.


I realized I didn't write about Pemmican yet!

Pemmican is something that has been made by the Native Americans and used for traveling nourishment. It is considered 'the perfect' food and I call it the perfect energy bar. All natural and has powerful energy and nourishment for our bodies AND it lasts a long, long time without chemical preservatives! The natives used it esp when they went on their hunting trips that would last weeks or longer. Consider the amt of energy needed to hunt!

The basic recipe is this:

dried meat (beef, venison, etc)
suet (internal animal fat)
dried fruit
raw honey/maple syrup (do not use artificial sweeteners!)
real/celtic salt

The dried fruit and meat are ground into powder, mixed with the sweetener then added to the melted suet. Add salt to the mixture last. Pour on a cookie sheet and cut into strips as it cools. Or put into a glass jar.

It ends up looking like shredded jerkey dipped in wax! But it tastes pretty good! The suet and honey have a natural preservative component that will keep the pemmican good for 5+ years! They've found pemmican that was 20 yrs old and still good!

A perfect mixture of healthy fats, protein and raw sugar/carbs. I am so excited to be finding and learning about all these recipes from the wisdom of antiquity!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


189.6 - 188.2
Down 1.4 today

I know I have a problem with cortisol, according to a saliva test I did a couple years ago. I don't remember the exact results but they were abnormal and my doc figured the results were due to my spondylitis pain causing a lot of stress in my body. Cortisol is part of the adrenal system.

Here's some interesting things I read about over the past couple days:

Cortisol shows up with abnormal fat in the gut.
Estrogen shows up with abnormal fat in the lower body (hips & thighs).
Insulin resistance shows up with abnormal fat in the low back and love handles.

I definately have a problem in my belly holding onto fat very readily! One way to combat this problem is to sleep more and get the growth hormone increased in your body. Another thing to note is that LONG CARDIO workouts will INCREASE cortisol! hmmm... how about that?! To increase growth hormone you need to increase lactic acid in your muscles by weight training a specific way. More info in the links below...

Here's where I've learned a LOT these past couple months and I wanted to share with you: FinalPhaseFatLoss.com

Monday, February 8, 2010

starting vlcd, with trembling

Thankfully the strawberries were on sale yesterday! Now to REMEMBER I am on protocol and stay true!

Today I lost over a pound.

I don't remember exactly what the scale said yesterday because my brain doesn't want to see where the scale has gotten. Loading was a bit easier yesterday since our good friends came over for Super Bowl games. It was fun! But, nothing seemed up to par for craving and splurging. Oh well. I taught her and her eldest the beginnings for learning to sew. Domestication! LOL!

Thankfully the hcg is making me thirsty so drinking all that water doesn't seem so hard today. The past 6 months I have had an unusual non-thirst and have not been able to remember to keep drinking enough water.

I am so excited to get started again! Time to get the fat roll off!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Loading once again

The hCG came in on Saturday and I immediatly mixed and started loading. It is very strange to wander the store to shop for loading and nothing is appetizing. I have been dealing with a strange sore throat and a lot of sinus blockage which is taking my appetite away a bit too. Funny thing is my voice is nearly gone. I'm sure my kids like it because I feel like I am screaming but I am only getting out a croak! It is worse when I lay down and really bad in the morning. Hopefully this clears up quickly. I am baffled at it's onset because I rarely get sick and if I do, it is over in a couple days.

I am trying to decide what my goal is for this round. I'd like to see similar results as my very first round averaging one pound a day which would equal 25 pounds or so.

Strawberries were on sale today so I bought several packs for this week which starts VLCD (very low calorie diet) tomorrow. Now to stay focused and drink lots of water! My friend is starting too so we will help hold each other accountable... I hope!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beet Kvaas

It has been 'fermenting' a couple days now and we tried the Beet Kvaas. Several beets peeled and cut up and mixed with whey sea salt and filtered water. Let sit out a few days and then refridgerate. The juice is taken daily. It is pretty strong in the salt flavor. The beet smell is very strong so I figured it would be on the sweeter side. I tend to forget that fermented foods are more on the stronger/sour side of taste because of the lactobacillii (or however that is spelled LOL!)

Here's what Sally Fallon has to say about it in her Nourishing Traditions cookbook:

"This drink is valuable for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid. Beets are just loaded with nutrients. One 4 oz glass, morning and night, is an excellent blood tonic, promotes regularity, aids digestion, alkalizes the blood, cleanses the liver and is a good treatment for kidney stones and other ailments. .....

"Professor Zabel observed that sick people always lack digestive juices, not only during the acute phase of their illness but also for a long time afterwards. In addition, he never saw a cancer victin that had a healthy intestinal flora. ...

Lacto fermented beets have a very favorable effect on disturbed cellular function. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that beets have a regenerating effect on the body. Annelies Schoneck Des Crudites Toute L'Annee" Nourishing Traditions pg 610, Sally Fallon.

That is enough to make me want to drink it! I dilute and 'hide' it in other things for my kids to drink. And they drink, very trustingly! LOL!

The second recipe I am starting on is Pemmican: and old Native American 'energy bar' that uses dried jerky, cranberries & suet. I finished drying the beef today and then ground it into almost powder and am thawing the frozen suet. I will write in my next post the amazing things about pemmican, what I call the most perfect energy bar!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updating supplier 2

Supplier 2 now has 'Highly Purified hcg' now available for sale. I've not used this one yet and am not sure why it may be better than the others. It is manufactured in Germany, so that may be a selling point to those who do not want their hcg manufactured in India or China or Singapore, etc.

2 brands of hcg commonly used:

Highly Purified hcg 5000 iu (mfg in Germany)
Hucog 5000 iu (mfg in India=cheapest brand)

3 vials of Highly Purified hcg 5000 iu (mfg in Germany)
3 vials Hucog 5000 iu (mfg in India)

5 vials of Highly Purified hcg 5000 iu (mfg in Germany)
5 vials Hucog 5000 iu (mfg in India)

Remember, the more you order, the lower the cost per vial!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Buy 3 get one Free!

I am posting the current sale for hcg:

Buy 3 get 1 Free sale! Don't forget coupon code 100354

Purchase 3 vials of the new "Hucog High Purity" HCG (only available in 5000 IU at the moment) and we will include a 4th vial free of charge! Order 6 vials, and we will include 2 vials free of charge, etc.

There is NO LIMIT to the amount of HCG you can order with this promotion but as we cannot predict when the next promotion will be, we highly recommend you take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Tell your friends and order today!

This promotion is valid ONLY until February 15th, 2010.

So there you have it. A current sale! woohooo! Time to order now! Get started on your journey of weightloss BEFORE the spring/summer hits. It is always good to have a friend/spouse to do this for accountability and higher success.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pyramid workout

Pyramid workout I just learned about that may work for my body:

For incline barbell press (seated in a laid back position, barbell in each hand and pressing from shoulder height to fully extended above my head)

15 lbs for 10 reps
20 lbs for 8 reps
25 lbs for 6 reps
30 lbs for 4 reps

This is to be done for all workouts each week, then next week start the process at the 2nd poundage and increase the weights accordingly.

I did this for all my workouts on Thursday. I did not perform squats or bench press to not stress out too much. I could really feel the burn in a different way in my muscles. AND the pain/fatigue did not seem too great the next day. Today I feel a bit stiff, but not too bad. I haven't decided if I will workout today or not. One day of rest btwn workouts. I will decide after hubby comes home from work and I go shopping for my 5 yo's birthday present.

I posted my new sculpt on my sculpting blog so make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just because it worked the first time....

I went on Sat & Monday to the myofascial trigger point therapist. It had been several weeks since my last visit and my body was highly stressed and tense. The last visit didn't give me nearly as much relief as the visit before where my pain was nearly gone for several months.

The strangest things started to happen. He'd work on my subscapularis area and my headache would be gone! Then he'd work on my ribs and it would come back. So he started 'digging' deeper and was shocked at what he found: My tailbone is a trainwreck. Total mess in my SI joint (surprise, surprise). So he worked on my low back & SI areas only to find the real culprit (outside my foot issue) is that my pubis symphysis is un stable, messing up my whole pelvic girdle, which messes up L4/L5, which messes up T6 which messes up my rhomboids which pulls on my neck giving me chronic headaches. Gah! The foot bone is connected to the...... eeeeee!

So I was told to go to the chiropractor and request a specific adjustment for my pelvis and see what happens. If I have pain within 24 hours then the problem is loose ligaments in my 'groin' area that is attached to the pubic sympnysis. This means there is probably nothing that can be done and my search for relief will never come to an end. There is a slight chance that Prolotherapy may help. Prolotherapy involves injecting amino acids & stuff into the problem tendons several times a month for 12-18 months ..... *yeowch!* and the cost is like getting braces.

Needless to say, today I feel like a truck ran me over. I am crossing my fingers that I can go to the gym tomorrow. I have to refrain from the HIT until things get settled down. With everything out of whack, heavy weights are causing me damage. **insert curse word of choice here** I will continue as usual: do what I can when I can and not get too discouraged. I think I will need to go back to my doc to get my script for Celebrex refilled. Sulfasalazine makes me very sick lately so that is out of my diet.

I have started looking into CellFood and will probably try that. They have one with silica to help strengthen the skeletal system.

I'm hoping my hcg will show up end of this week. That would be nice.

I also learned today that raw lamb is better ground up than diced in small pieces. Especially in tacos. I cannot handle gristle!

I finished an adorable sculpt today while being forced to sit all day on the couch. I hve to take a couple photos and will post on my sculpting blog maybe tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok, so I have nothing exciting or new to post here. My hcg is on it's way and I'm still trying to determine the issues in my body. Mostly I wanted to have a new post up that didn't bring back the memories of that liver tonic! LOL!

I was reminded of something just a few minutes ago. I haven't been in contact with my little brother for about 3 years and for Christmas, I finally got ahold of his number thru mutal friends and called him. Somewhere in the middle of a 7 hour long conversation, he asks me if I know anything that can help him increase his appetite. He hardly ever eats and is bothered by it. Hmmmm.... I also remembered meeting my birth uncle about 13 years ago(my brother & I were adopted at age 4 & 5) and remembered him talking about how he has no appetite either and tends to force down smoothies to get nourishment.

So now I am wondering what connection this has. Maybe the hashimoto's low thyroid is the cause. Hard to say if anyone else has it.

As you can tell by my blog, I am working hard at eating healthy foods. Yes, I eat ice-cream sometimes and corn tortilla chips, occasionally I eat a piece of pizza, but as I really look at my diet, it is pretty darn healthy. I am now exercising and training at the gym as my body allows. So why am I not losing? I hate to admit this, but I am not losing, only slowly gaining. I know some of it is muscle growth, but in my belly? Right now I'm in the super-bloated time so my mood and ambition is stamped down some. grrrrrhhh.....


As much as I didn't want to do hcg protocol again, I will pick up the pack and start back down that trail again. I am hoping to receive the shipment sometime after 7 days.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liver Tonic?!

I was very daring tonight.

We got back from the gym and the beef liver was fully thawed. I was going to cook liver & onions for hubby after our workout, but then realized it will taste better if soaked in lemon juice first. I am hoping it will taste good prepared this way. I guess tomorrow I will find out.

My daring part: I have a recipe in the Nourishing Traditions book for a Liver Tonic that helps for those with tuberculosis & athletes. I'm not exactly sure what it helps, but I've learned that all raw glands & organs are very good to help our own glands/organs heal or stay healthy. The recipe:

~ raw liver.. . a couple tbsp I believe,
~ tomato juice,
~ lime juice,
~ sea salt
~ tabasco sauce
~ whey

Tobasco makes me wanna barf when I just smell it so I did not include it. Another recipe on the page adds Rapurda (natural cane sugar) so I added some sugar to the above recipe too. I added some Kombucha Tea to the recipe because I didn't have any whey left. Blend finely and chug away.

My 4 year & 13 year old said they liked it and drank about 1 oz. Hubby & I chugged 2 oz and the other kids took a sip. It was ok if you don't smell it. Then it hit bottom. Then I tasted liver and made my mind blank so it didn't come back up. I was hoping the raw tasted better than the cooked. Not so for me. Hubby said he'll try very hard to NOT drink that again! LOL!

I am shocked that I actually look forward to trying this kind of stuff. Hopefully the good flavors outweight the bad ones. If I strike out too many times I may be turned off forever! LOL!

The Tuna I made a few days ago is getting milder in flavor. I haven't tried the salmon again, but hubby and my eldest like it the best. It seems my body doesn't need more than 4-5 pieces to notice a change. Yesterday I had about 5 and today my bowels are moving and feeling good.

Tonight, after working out our meal consisted of these things raw:

~ pineapple
~ paypaya
~ red pepper
~ cucumbers
~ salmon & tuna
~ cinnamon apple pieces
~ mango
~ tangerines
~ the liver tonic
the only cooked food was the lobster/crab flakes that is our 'junk food' for the day.

My hubby sat there, with his plate filled and stated how amazed he is with the changes in his attitude over the past 2 years. When I started this kind of meal (we call buffet), he was so upset because he didn't think he'd get full without his cooked meat & potatoes & such. We've found that when we eat raw like this (even before adding the raw meat) we get full so much faster. And it is a satisfied full that doesn't lead to huge cravings later like when we would eat pasta or rice, etc.

So everyone knows... I am not the kind of person that totally enjoys veggies. I love sweets, ice-cream, BREAD, pasta... etc. Veggies have never been something I enjoyed. I have learned one little trick, though:

I force myself to eat ONE bite everytime something is served. That's all. I require that for my kids too. I've found that after about 2 weeks, my taste buds are accustomed to that veggie and I soon like it and have no problem eating those things. This raw meat experiment seems to be going the same way. It is all 'power of the mind' attitude. I am glad I am able to conquer it!

Now, I wonder if this will work for mushrooms, grapefruit and celery for me... hmmm.. not sure since the smell makes me wanna vomit.

Monday, January 18, 2010


A discussion about salt.

Some items of information to digest:

Typical, iodized table salt is chemically manufactured and has added chemicals in it to make it 'free flowing'. Usually the added chemical is an aluminum derivative which means 'toxic'. Refining of salt reduces nearly all the micro-minerals and nutrients (esp magnesium), so potassium iodide is added in toxic amts and it is bleached to make it white. Sounds similar to our chemically processed flour & sugar!

Consumption of this form of salt causes thyroid problems that are the same as iodine deficiency...


Research has found that people who consume large amts of refined salt have evidence of sodium starvation in their tissues! Our bodies CANNOT absorb it! Something to think about for those people who are always craving salt. If you are not absorbing the nutrients like iodine & sodium & chloride, etc, then your glandular system (thyroid) will not work properly!

Those with weak adrenals lose salt in their urine and need more salt in their diet.

Those who consume excessive salt tend to have problems with osteoperosis because calcium is excreted in their urine. Potassium is also depleted.

The best forms of salt:

Sun-dried sea salt that is grey & wet. (Celtic is THE best form). This will have 'dead' sea critters that help contribute iodine to our diet.

Pink/Red sea salt is 2nd best.

Unrefined salt that comes from ancient sea beds is acceptable, but lacks iodine.

If you eat mostly cooked foods, your intake of salt needs to be higher because it is a powerful enzyme activator which helps with digestion.

If you eat mostly or entirely raw, your need for added salt will be less because the enzymes in the raw food will suffice.

Other good sources of sodium is broth made from meat and animal bones/cartiledge. Broth made from fish carcasses is one of the best ways to support thyroid function as well as a digestion aid.

To sum this all up:

STAY AWAY from the cheap iodized salt. It does more harm to your body than good. In fact, there is nothing at all good about it so get rid of it. The only thing table salt is good for is to make homemade playdough for the kids!

Spend a little extra on Celtic Sea salt or Real salt. You will nourish your body so much better and will probably stop those crazy salt cravings that cause you to waste your money on unhealthy foods that don't feed your body, thus creating a cycle of poor eating habits because your body is starved for nutrients.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

raw fish... no bad if you like fish

I made marinated salmon and tuna this past week. I was very surprised at the flavor and the texture. They both ended up appearing cooked after soaking in lime juice for 24 hours. I am not a huge fish fan, but am trying very hard to get my tastebuds accustomed to it because it is SO healthy. Salmon is too fishy for me. The tuna was acceptable and highly tolerable. My gag reaction is nearly gone now when I try the raw meat. My hubby LOVES both. He loves fish anyway. Fish has to be marinated to kill any possible parasites since freezing it like other meats is not recommended. It makes fish mushy. sushi is actually not recommended because it is not marinated and has a higher incidence of parasite infestations. I've never had sushi.

I have noticed all week I had my usual food cravings and constipation was creating issues. I am going to thaw the lamb leg and make more kibbeh for raw tacos for next week. I felt better and my gut moved much better too. hmmm.... this is ending up to be quite an interesting experiment!

Last night I ordered some more hCG to start another round when it arrives, hopefully in 2 weeks. My last attempt was end of July. I believe I pushed my body too far by not having adequate breaks between rounds. I was being impatient and pushing the losses too hard. I hope that the hormone therapy and exercise regiment will help me stabalize. It is hard to say because I also deal with the autoimmune thyroid problem. So there's a chance I may have to always do a round of protocol each year because of it. Who knows. I will search and fight until I get there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon:

After 5 years of hearing about this book, I finally bought it!

The information in that book is AMAZING! Esp when reading how our diets have changed thru modernization and our epidemic of disease, esp autoimmune, are because of it.

Today is our family's study on oats. Initially eating oats has a detox/chelating effect, but then it starts to break down and damage our guts, causing chron's, celiac, arthritis, lupus, IBS, candiditis, etc. This goes for all grains.

Eating 'regular' grains causes our bodies to become deficient in magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium because of the phytic acid that our bodies cannot break down properly.I never knew! It makes sense, esp when I consider how many 'diseases' there are relating to lack of these nutrients. Epilepsy is greater in those with lack of maganese, magnesium, calcium, vit D, vit B, etc. The way to combat these problems is simple: SOAK your oats for 12+ hours with something a bit acidic (lemon/whey/vinegar) before cooking!!! Other grains need a different soak approach, though.

Since Christmas we've started some of the recipes. Last week we had Kibbeh. It is really, really good, if I don't think on the fact it is raw lamb! LOL! gag reflex is all in my head with the texture! my kids had no clue it was raw and enjoyed it quite well. It worked better for us in the form of tacos with salsa to help cover the texture a bit. The recipe lasted enough for a serving a day per person for a week

Also, making soup broth the RIGHT way helps heal our guts and helps our bodies digest minerals and micro nutrients because of the geletain! Who'd a thunk?

I'm excited because there are recipes for things like eggplant (has anti-seizure compounds) that show the proper way to cook things and make them actually taste good (soak it in a bit of salt to remove the bitterness!).

I've been fermenting a few things here & there (salsa & pickles) and found an excellent 'salsa-type' food called Chutney made with paypaya, onion, red pepper, lime juice, whey, sea salt & water. Very unique but helps increase enzymes in our gut. Paypaya seeds can be dried and ground and added to food for enzyme help too. Chutney is mixed into things like a salsa, but especially on meat.

I'm excited and wanted to share the info in case anybody wanted to search thru the book in their local library and try some nourishing recipes.

And, I believe this book is an important part of healing our guts. Until now, I had only an inkling on how to do that. Now, I feel that I have a great arsenal on the road to recovery for all my family.

This week we haven't had any raw meat and I can feel a difference. My craving for junk is much higher these past few days and my energy is quite low too. My daughter with the seizures looks to be on a bad week. I think she's having night ones. My thoughts are the diet and way food is prepared to assimilate nutrients properly may have a direct relationship with her seizures. Only time will tell. Her blood tests showed that she is very much lacking most nutrients, esp the B's. I'm positive the raw meat will help her!

Time to take a trip to the store to get maybe some fish this week to try raw. Supposedly that is one of the best things to eat, esp in the form of a soup broth made from the bones & heads. sounds gross, but so far every recipe I've made in the book has been superbly delicious (and I am a very picky eater in a sense when it comes to taste!)


On the exercise front, I am disappointed in the lack of time at the gym because of my body's failings. Going every other day seems to be too much for me. Over the week of the New Year, we had not gone to the gym and I was sure that I had lost a lot. Surprisingly, I did not really lose anything. In 2 sessions, I was able to increase many of my weights!

My low back/SI area have de-stabalized with the intense workouts so I've had to change my workout to using weights on upper body only and working on my legs using a bike. (blech) I've reduced my workouts to rest 2 days btwn which seems to help my current issues. Once I'm more stable, I will be back to increase the training as my body permits!