Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Scared last night!

I hopped on the scale just before bed for kicks & giggles. I had about 10oz of protein smoothie about 10 minutes earlier.


I was terrified! The scale said I was going up & up in weight!! NOOOOOOOOoooooooo

I went to bed HUNGRY.
And concerned.

Today at around 2 pm I hopped back on the scale.


The difference between last night and this afternoon was minus 8 POUNDS! What the heck? Normally by afternoon, my weight is a couple pounds heavier than first thing in the morning.

I am inspired that something good is going on... FINALLY..... I hope...

My hubby has been taking a stacked amino acid supplement to support his growth hormone factor each night and he's had very little muscle pain the day after working out. We are nearly out so I am going to order more and take it again for myself. I've not been in nearly the amt of muscle fatigue pain I expeced and experienced other times I worked out vigorously.

My order today will include that supplement plus an order of creatine. I've been reading up on creatine and found that it has been proven to help slow/reduce the effects of parkinsons'/ALS & a few other degenerative diseases. Since my hubby is a Gulf War Vet, his risk of developing ALS is increased drastically. Something about those Nerve Agent Pills, Anthrax vaccination & other things they were forced to take, I suppose are the culprits. I am excited to have just one more thing in our arsenal to help his body stay strong & healthy!

I almost want to do the HIT every day, but don't want to damage myself. The program is likened to developing a callous on your hand. Too much work at one time and you'll get a blister. Enough work with adequate rest will result in a callous and your hand can accomplish more as the callous toughens.

Tonight is day 3 of HIT. Hopefully we can make it to the gym: a blizzard is passing thru the area and we are on the edge of the snow-belt. A couple miles N, S & W gets a fraction of what we get! Last Friday we were hit with 14" of snow, everywhere else got 2".

Today is also a day I must work very hard to eat carbs & sugar. I'm trying very hard to get my calories up to a normal 2500 or so in a day, but it just hurts too much. The protein shakes have been helping me in that area. But today I need to accomplish a sort of 'loading day' on carbs & sugars. Hmmm... I think Dairy Queen will have to be on the schedule!! Nothing better than a Peanut Buster Parfait for me!! ;-D

Ta, Ta for now!

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