Thursday, December 3, 2009

Root Beer

Lacto-fermented style! I had worked on my ginger culture for a week now and had set it in the oven to keep it warmer with the pilot light thru the night since it is getting COLD in our kitchen. Well, my 2nd daughter is learning how to cook and learned the hard way that the #1 rule of baking:

CHECK the oven BEFORE turning it on!!

Needless to say, the culture was cooked. Everyone was disappointed but we decided to use kombucha culture to see how that works. In 3-4 days we should have some bubbly root-beer flavored beverage! This is a fermented food which is VERY healthy and fills our bodies with probiotics and enzymes which help keep our immune system strong.

Today we enjoyed seeing the first hugely fluffy snowflakes as we found our small 3' tree and decorated. My goal was to have the basement finished to have a full sized tree there, but the project is taking much longer than anticipated. *sigh*

Tonight I am motivated to go to the local gym and sign up...... schedule permitting. I've been reading that the form of HIT (high intensity training) will show results in 2 weeks.... I cannot wait to go at it full force!

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