Monday, December 14, 2009

Results after first week

Week 1 done... and I have, I believe, gained ALL the muscle I had lost over the past 6 (maybe more) years in dealing with many pregnancies and disability.

I am IMPRESSED and SHOCKED! Today I actually, jokingly at first, found I really REALLY did lift my husband off the floor! LOL! 2 weeks ago I couldn't. I thought he 'jumped' a little to help me. But he said *Wow, you're getting STRONG!* I'm like, 'yeah, you jumped up'. He said 'Nope. I didn't'. So I reached around him and did it again!! WOW~ ROFLOL!

For me to have my strength back is something that brings a tear to my heart. I've always prided myself on my strength. Not sure why, must have been the farm girl in me .... Something in me gets a little smug when I can keep up with the males in physical activity and when other females are so.... weak. Nothing against it, but that's how I am. The good thing is I don't look boy-ish at all so it shocks people.

Hubby & I spent some time on the eliptical just for kicks and giggles. actually, more like sweat. But that is not our focus because long bouts of cardio will make us go backwards.

Anyway..... Today was a harder day of HIT and I definitely need an appt with my myofascial release therapist to put things back in place. Last weekend I sprained my ankle, which threw everything out and I'm feeling a lot of joint pain again, esp in my tailbone & hips. I don't want to become crippled again...... So today I wasn't able to do everything on my workout list.

My weight is finally stabalizing and slowly going down as I build muscle. I am hoping things start moving a bit faster... you know... fast results is expected! LOL! No matter what, I am glad to be getting a good foundation.

We signed up at SNAP fitness in our local village. It was either that or Curves or drive 30 minutes for something else. We found out SNAP is open to us 24/7 via a security key which is fantastic! Curves is hardly ever open. Snap is small and not many people are there, which is great for us.

Hubby is having a blast working out too. He's hitting the first day of 'I don't know if I really want to go today' like me, but we determined that was the big indicator to be going. Maybe this is the beginning of the changes in our bodies.

We've been able to add weights to most exercises each day. For example, today I was able to:
~ squat press 115 lbs on my shoulders,
~ bench press 95 (failure was at 8 reps though)
~ bicep dumbell curl at 25 lbs (I'm so VERY weak in my arms!)
~ Lat pulldown at 80 lbs (I think.. I'll have check that one)
~ Abductors at 115 lbs....

My rib keeps popping out, so I have to stop often to have hubby put that in for me.

Our order of creatine came in today as well as our stacked amino acids to help muscle rebuild thru the night (pituitary & other glandular support)

On another note, I want to share my most recent sculpture:


More pictures and information are on my sculpting blog.

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