Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michigan Left turns are really stupid

This is coming from a non-Michigander. I grew up in Minnesota. A place where people know how to plow and keep ice off of sidewalks and parking lots. And a place where there are a LOT of lights visible at intersections AND where you can turn left at intersections. Not here. To go left at an intersection, you have to make a right turn, cross to the fast lane of traffic to get to a U-turn, then turn the opposite way (again into the fast lane) to go the direction you initially wanted to travel.

Very insane. Very dangerous, in my opinion. But statistics tell us that once they have started these michigan lefts, there are no longer any left-turning accidents at intersections!

DUUUHHH! If there are no more left turns allowed, of COURSE there will no longer be accidents!

So my rant is all about one of these lovely turns. We are driving home from picking up my hubby from work (we are sharing vehicles right now) and it was dark. Hubby was in the left lane and coming up to a Michigan u-turn. For some reason, the person in that u-turn decided to drive forward as we were passing her and she hit us. THANKFULLY, it was a glancing blow that only did minimal damage to our van. Her car was not so lucky, though.

We got home and went to the gym. The myofascial release therapist put me in some pain to fix my body, so I wasn't able to push too hard at the gym with my abs/low back. I worked pretty hard on my upper body/arms and succeeded in hitting 10 reps of 95 lbs on a bench press! I was surprised!

After workout, we went home and I watched "Night at the Museum II". Near the end of the movie my neck started getting a crick.. traveling my whole traps area. UGH. I hate when that happens. I'm not sure if it is from the MRT (myofascial release therapy), the accident, the workout or whatever. Doesn't matter. It hurts. I got to the chiro this evening and he made sure things are doing good with my spine and no damage. Told me to take specific care on my next workout day. I'm feeling slightly better right now and I hope all is well tomorrow.

Gotta get up early to bring my middle daughter to a neurologic appt at 7:45 am to get her brain scanned to see if she has a seizure disorder... ahhh the stress of it all.

My goal is still to get in a good amt of calories to keep my body from storing fat.

I've purchased and downloaded more training tips and found some very good tips/techniques to keep training interesting. One in particular: is a blog where you can receive "Top 8 Fat Loss mistakes" for free. Every tidbit helps! His information is on par with what I 'believe'. And his image is pretty inspiring!! His workout program looks... HORRIDLY painful! But, what is gain without pain! LOL! His 6-week workout system is specific HIIT for cardio and body workout without using machines or anything expensive. All that is needed is your bodyweight, some stamina and barbell/dumbells.

Well, sorry for blabbing so much today. But then, that is the joy of blogging!

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