Sunday, December 20, 2009

had to miss today

We had to miss Friday's gym time due to exhaustion. I had to get up early to bring my hubby to work by 6 am, and Friday I had to take my 3rd child to the neurologist for a 3 hour appt & EEG. The stress of finding out she has epilepsy, lack of sleep and everything just took me out. Today I crashed hard and could hardly move or talk most of the day. Sleep was all I could do. My spine was seriously inflammed.

I hate those kind of days.

Hopefully tomorrow we will pick up and get back to the gym.

I am also upset the usual thyroid support supplement I got at my chiropractor was changed and is NOT effective. I think it makes me sick too. It has hoodia in it. Yuck! I don't need anything to suppress my appetite!

I'm not too worried about missing a day. Technically, we are supposed to only work out 3 days a week and we've been doing every=other-day. So this break is good.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. My hubby printed out some new HIIT workouts and is determining on what changes we need to make as we transition from the break-in workouts (to get used to training) to a regular routine. Hopefully he will be kind!! LOL!

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Bobbi Nickel, RN said...

I don't like Hoodia either. I would ask your chiropractor for a homeopathic thyroid glandular with no stimulants.