Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feelin' great

Just wanted to update that things are looking good and I'm feeling great. Lots to do and it's quite a challenge to find the time to do it all. I'm finding my small hand weights are quickly becoming obsolete and I'm not doing well with the squats exercises I'm doing to work out my thighs/glutes/legs. *sigh* gotta find some $$ to go to a local gym to get into a better routine and get this done the right way.
AND I need some time away from the role of 'mommie', even 30 minutes every other day would be NICE.

It is cute, though, to see my youngest boys (5 & 4) putting together the hand barbells and picking them up and copying me! So cute! Thankfully, my kids are not even remotely on the 'fat' side of things. I have worked very hard to keep them 'clean' from all the things that (I believe) cause obesity, the main one being vaccinations, second one being formula, thirdly is our lack of raw & fermented foods (like raw milk).

Sadly, I didn't 'know' until later about the dangers of formula. My first 3 kids had several months on the stuff because my milk went dry and I didn't know what to do to increase it thru the growth spurts and stresses of moving.

My first two were vaccinated a few times before I learned about the truth, and then realizing my autoimmune diseases started after mass vaccinations in the Navy. They screwed up my body and now I suffer in so many degrees, it's not even funny. And by looking at trends, we are the fattest generation... the 10's/80's was when the health industry started mandating vaccinations. I can't 'prove' anything and if you decide to leave a nasty comment about how horrible I am for not vaccinating my kids.. I will delete it because I do not tell anybody they are abusing their kids by sticking poison into them so I don't think I deserve to be told that either. I've done my research and am CONFIDENT of my choices.

My other thought about foods is also important. We are the first generation to have never tasted raw, unpasteurized/unhomogenized milk! Those processes were needed for the time they were developed, but not anymore! Our bodies are missing out on so many prebiotics & probiotics by our standardized sanitation of ALL our foods! Even our 'fresh' veggies are radiated to kill all nutrients and good things our bodies NEED for health. Mass production has also caused a lot of this to happen too. Instead of fermenting our own kraut & pickles in the healthy way, companies use vinegar instead and then COOK the nutrients out. So sad. The biggest part of our immune system is in our GUT. Once our gut health is compromised, we are defenseless against many germs and diseases so that now, e-coli is considered life-threatening!
A lot of our foods and containers also have artificial 'stuff' in it that created havoc with our hormones which help to create obesity and other health issues. We are now dependent upon manufactured drugs to put things straight, when nature had it all along.

Oh dear... I went off on this post! LOL! I was planning a quick update and started meandering. I am just amazed at how much I have learned over the past years in my personal search for health. Even in my recent research on exercise, I'm finding the 'normal accepted rules' are WRONG! GAH!

But it is freeing to walk to a different beat!

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