Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 2 of HIT

Updating today as official Day 2 of HIT at the gym. I really pushed myself today and I am surprised at how I am not quite so wobbly. I haven't walked down the stairs yet so we'll see if my legs give out again or not! LOL!

WE decided to hit most of the machines and some free-weight exercises to max out to keep things simple and to hit each muscle group a couple times. Some exercises strangely stressed odd body parts. The ab & back machines and the Roman Sit-ups (reverse sit ups) really put pain in my groin areas. Groin pain is symptomatic of a true hip joint pain. So I need to be careful of those for now. I have osteoarthritis damage in my hips and have dealt with severe pain and I don't want to become friends with a cane or crutches anytime soon!

I'm a little concerned about the amt of 'weight' I will gain in the beginning as I increase muscle mass. I KNOW that as muscles gain, I will gain in girth and weight until things start burning the fat. I just don't want that in-between time to be too long because my clothes are already not fitting properly. How long that will take is a mystery to me and I am anxiously awaiting to see that result.

The neatest thing I have learned so far from this program is that there are no warm-up exercises. Today really showed me that the exercises, when done slowly, are a warm up & stretch all by themselves! It felt really great to stretch out those muscles that were a little tender/sore from Sunday's workout.

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