Sunday, December 20, 2009

had to miss today

We had to miss Friday's gym time due to exhaustion. I had to get up early to bring my hubby to work by 6 am, and Friday I had to take my 3rd child to the neurologist for a 3 hour appt & EEG. The stress of finding out she has epilepsy, lack of sleep and everything just took me out. Today I crashed hard and could hardly move or talk most of the day. Sleep was all I could do. My spine was seriously inflammed.

I hate those kind of days.

Hopefully tomorrow we will pick up and get back to the gym.

I am also upset the usual thyroid support supplement I got at my chiropractor was changed and is NOT effective. I think it makes me sick too. It has hoodia in it. Yuck! I don't need anything to suppress my appetite!

I'm not too worried about missing a day. Technically, we are supposed to only work out 3 days a week and we've been doing every=other-day. So this break is good.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. My hubby printed out some new HIIT workouts and is determining on what changes we need to make as we transition from the break-in workouts (to get used to training) to a regular routine. Hopefully he will be kind!! LOL!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michigan Left turns are really stupid

This is coming from a non-Michigander. I grew up in Minnesota. A place where people know how to plow and keep ice off of sidewalks and parking lots. And a place where there are a LOT of lights visible at intersections AND where you can turn left at intersections. Not here. To go left at an intersection, you have to make a right turn, cross to the fast lane of traffic to get to a U-turn, then turn the opposite way (again into the fast lane) to go the direction you initially wanted to travel.

Very insane. Very dangerous, in my opinion. But statistics tell us that once they have started these michigan lefts, there are no longer any left-turning accidents at intersections!

DUUUHHH! If there are no more left turns allowed, of COURSE there will no longer be accidents!

So my rant is all about one of these lovely turns. We are driving home from picking up my hubby from work (we are sharing vehicles right now) and it was dark. Hubby was in the left lane and coming up to a Michigan u-turn. For some reason, the person in that u-turn decided to drive forward as we were passing her and she hit us. THANKFULLY, it was a glancing blow that only did minimal damage to our van. Her car was not so lucky, though.

We got home and went to the gym. The myofascial release therapist put me in some pain to fix my body, so I wasn't able to push too hard at the gym with my abs/low back. I worked pretty hard on my upper body/arms and succeeded in hitting 10 reps of 95 lbs on a bench press! I was surprised!

After workout, we went home and I watched "Night at the Museum II". Near the end of the movie my neck started getting a crick.. traveling my whole traps area. UGH. I hate when that happens. I'm not sure if it is from the MRT (myofascial release therapy), the accident, the workout or whatever. Doesn't matter. It hurts. I got to the chiro this evening and he made sure things are doing good with my spine and no damage. Told me to take specific care on my next workout day. I'm feeling slightly better right now and I hope all is well tomorrow.

Gotta get up early to bring my middle daughter to a neurologic appt at 7:45 am to get her brain scanned to see if she has a seizure disorder... ahhh the stress of it all.

My goal is still to get in a good amt of calories to keep my body from storing fat.

I've purchased and downloaded more training tips and found some very good tips/techniques to keep training interesting. One in particular: is a blog where you can receive "Top 8 Fat Loss mistakes" for free. Every tidbit helps! His information is on par with what I 'believe'. And his image is pretty inspiring!! His workout program looks... HORRIDLY painful! But, what is gain without pain! LOL! His 6-week workout system is specific HIIT for cardio and body workout without using machines or anything expensive. All that is needed is your bodyweight, some stamina and barbell/dumbells.

Well, sorry for blabbing so much today. But then, that is the joy of blogging!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Results after first week

Week 1 done... and I have, I believe, gained ALL the muscle I had lost over the past 6 (maybe more) years in dealing with many pregnancies and disability.

I am IMPRESSED and SHOCKED! Today I actually, jokingly at first, found I really REALLY did lift my husband off the floor! LOL! 2 weeks ago I couldn't. I thought he 'jumped' a little to help me. But he said *Wow, you're getting STRONG!* I'm like, 'yeah, you jumped up'. He said 'Nope. I didn't'. So I reached around him and did it again!! WOW~ ROFLOL!

For me to have my strength back is something that brings a tear to my heart. I've always prided myself on my strength. Not sure why, must have been the farm girl in me .... Something in me gets a little smug when I can keep up with the males in physical activity and when other females are so.... weak. Nothing against it, but that's how I am. The good thing is I don't look boy-ish at all so it shocks people.

Hubby & I spent some time on the eliptical just for kicks and giggles. actually, more like sweat. But that is not our focus because long bouts of cardio will make us go backwards.

Anyway..... Today was a harder day of HIT and I definitely need an appt with my myofascial release therapist to put things back in place. Last weekend I sprained my ankle, which threw everything out and I'm feeling a lot of joint pain again, esp in my tailbone & hips. I don't want to become crippled again...... So today I wasn't able to do everything on my workout list.

My weight is finally stabalizing and slowly going down as I build muscle. I am hoping things start moving a bit faster... you know... fast results is expected! LOL! No matter what, I am glad to be getting a good foundation.

We signed up at SNAP fitness in our local village. It was either that or Curves or drive 30 minutes for something else. We found out SNAP is open to us 24/7 via a security key which is fantastic! Curves is hardly ever open. Snap is small and not many people are there, which is great for us.

Hubby is having a blast working out too. He's hitting the first day of 'I don't know if I really want to go today' like me, but we determined that was the big indicator to be going. Maybe this is the beginning of the changes in our bodies.

We've been able to add weights to most exercises each day. For example, today I was able to:
~ squat press 115 lbs on my shoulders,
~ bench press 95 (failure was at 8 reps though)
~ bicep dumbell curl at 25 lbs (I'm so VERY weak in my arms!)
~ Lat pulldown at 80 lbs (I think.. I'll have check that one)
~ Abductors at 115 lbs....

My rib keeps popping out, so I have to stop often to have hubby put that in for me.

Our order of creatine came in today as well as our stacked amino acids to help muscle rebuild thru the night (pituitary & other glandular support)

On another note, I want to share my most recent sculpture:


More pictures and information are on my sculpting blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Scared last night!

I hopped on the scale just before bed for kicks & giggles. I had about 10oz of protein smoothie about 10 minutes earlier.


I was terrified! The scale said I was going up & up in weight!! NOOOOOOOOoooooooo

I went to bed HUNGRY.
And concerned.

Today at around 2 pm I hopped back on the scale.


The difference between last night and this afternoon was minus 8 POUNDS! What the heck? Normally by afternoon, my weight is a couple pounds heavier than first thing in the morning.

I am inspired that something good is going on... FINALLY..... I hope...

My hubby has been taking a stacked amino acid supplement to support his growth hormone factor each night and he's had very little muscle pain the day after working out. We are nearly out so I am going to order more and take it again for myself. I've not been in nearly the amt of muscle fatigue pain I expeced and experienced other times I worked out vigorously.

My order today will include that supplement plus an order of creatine. I've been reading up on creatine and found that it has been proven to help slow/reduce the effects of parkinsons'/ALS & a few other degenerative diseases. Since my hubby is a Gulf War Vet, his risk of developing ALS is increased drastically. Something about those Nerve Agent Pills, Anthrax vaccination & other things they were forced to take, I suppose are the culprits. I am excited to have just one more thing in our arsenal to help his body stay strong & healthy!

I almost want to do the HIT every day, but don't want to damage myself. The program is likened to developing a callous on your hand. Too much work at one time and you'll get a blister. Enough work with adequate rest will result in a callous and your hand can accomplish more as the callous toughens.

Tonight is day 3 of HIT. Hopefully we can make it to the gym: a blizzard is passing thru the area and we are on the edge of the snow-belt. A couple miles N, S & W gets a fraction of what we get! Last Friday we were hit with 14" of snow, everywhere else got 2".

Today is also a day I must work very hard to eat carbs & sugar. I'm trying very hard to get my calories up to a normal 2500 or so in a day, but it just hurts too much. The protein shakes have been helping me in that area. But today I need to accomplish a sort of 'loading day' on carbs & sugars. Hmmm... I think Dairy Queen will have to be on the schedule!! Nothing better than a Peanut Buster Parfait for me!! ;-D

Ta, Ta for now!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 2 of HIT

Updating today as official Day 2 of HIT at the gym. I really pushed myself today and I am surprised at how I am not quite so wobbly. I haven't walked down the stairs yet so we'll see if my legs give out again or not! LOL!

WE decided to hit most of the machines and some free-weight exercises to max out to keep things simple and to hit each muscle group a couple times. Some exercises strangely stressed odd body parts. The ab & back machines and the Roman Sit-ups (reverse sit ups) really put pain in my groin areas. Groin pain is symptomatic of a true hip joint pain. So I need to be careful of those for now. I have osteoarthritis damage in my hips and have dealt with severe pain and I don't want to become friends with a cane or crutches anytime soon!

I'm a little concerned about the amt of 'weight' I will gain in the beginning as I increase muscle mass. I KNOW that as muscles gain, I will gain in girth and weight until things start burning the fat. I just don't want that in-between time to be too long because my clothes are already not fitting properly. How long that will take is a mystery to me and I am anxiously awaiting to see that result.

The neatest thing I have learned so far from this program is that there are no warm-up exercises. Today really showed me that the exercises, when done slowly, are a warm up & stretch all by themselves! It felt really great to stretch out those muscles that were a little tender/sore from Sunday's workout.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Began today!

Today, my hubby TOTALLY surprised me! I suggested to go to the gym today and he AGREED! WITH JOY! So today it took us an hour btwn the two of us to find all the equipment and figure everything out. We are hoping that after this week, we'll have a routine down pat and the time will go quicker. The goal is to do this routine in the wee hours of the morning before hubby goes to work. He has to leave for work at 5:30 am!!! GAH!

But the excellent part is that we both feel ALIVE and are encouraged to continue! Not bragging, but I was highly impressed with my ability to lift many times the same weight or very close to what my hubby was lifting. And he looked AWESOME as his muscles rippled while working out.. WHOOT WHOOT!

So tomorrow is a day of rest to allow our muscles to relax as a whole and recoup for the next HIT!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Root Beer

Lacto-fermented style! I had worked on my ginger culture for a week now and had set it in the oven to keep it warmer with the pilot light thru the night since it is getting COLD in our kitchen. Well, my 2nd daughter is learning how to cook and learned the hard way that the #1 rule of baking:

CHECK the oven BEFORE turning it on!!

Needless to say, the culture was cooked. Everyone was disappointed but we decided to use kombucha culture to see how that works. In 3-4 days we should have some bubbly root-beer flavored beverage! This is a fermented food which is VERY healthy and fills our bodies with probiotics and enzymes which help keep our immune system strong.

Today we enjoyed seeing the first hugely fluffy snowflakes as we found our small 3' tree and decorated. My goal was to have the basement finished to have a full sized tree there, but the project is taking much longer than anticipated. *sigh*

Tonight I am motivated to go to the local gym and sign up...... schedule permitting. I've been reading that the form of HIT (high intensity training) will show results in 2 weeks.... I cannot wait to go at it full force!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feelin' great

Just wanted to update that things are looking good and I'm feeling great. Lots to do and it's quite a challenge to find the time to do it all. I'm finding my small hand weights are quickly becoming obsolete and I'm not doing well with the squats exercises I'm doing to work out my thighs/glutes/legs. *sigh* gotta find some $$ to go to a local gym to get into a better routine and get this done the right way.
AND I need some time away from the role of 'mommie', even 30 minutes every other day would be NICE.

It is cute, though, to see my youngest boys (5 & 4) putting together the hand barbells and picking them up and copying me! So cute! Thankfully, my kids are not even remotely on the 'fat' side of things. I have worked very hard to keep them 'clean' from all the things that (I believe) cause obesity, the main one being vaccinations, second one being formula, thirdly is our lack of raw & fermented foods (like raw milk).

Sadly, I didn't 'know' until later about the dangers of formula. My first 3 kids had several months on the stuff because my milk went dry and I didn't know what to do to increase it thru the growth spurts and stresses of moving.

My first two were vaccinated a few times before I learned about the truth, and then realizing my autoimmune diseases started after mass vaccinations in the Navy. They screwed up my body and now I suffer in so many degrees, it's not even funny. And by looking at trends, we are the fattest generation... the 10's/80's was when the health industry started mandating vaccinations. I can't 'prove' anything and if you decide to leave a nasty comment about how horrible I am for not vaccinating my kids.. I will delete it because I do not tell anybody they are abusing their kids by sticking poison into them so I don't think I deserve to be told that either. I've done my research and am CONFIDENT of my choices.

My other thought about foods is also important. We are the first generation to have never tasted raw, unpasteurized/unhomogenized milk! Those processes were needed for the time they were developed, but not anymore! Our bodies are missing out on so many prebiotics & probiotics by our standardized sanitation of ALL our foods! Even our 'fresh' veggies are radiated to kill all nutrients and good things our bodies NEED for health. Mass production has also caused a lot of this to happen too. Instead of fermenting our own kraut & pickles in the healthy way, companies use vinegar instead and then COOK the nutrients out. So sad. The biggest part of our immune system is in our GUT. Once our gut health is compromised, we are defenseless against many germs and diseases so that now, e-coli is considered life-threatening!
A lot of our foods and containers also have artificial 'stuff' in it that created havoc with our hormones which help to create obesity and other health issues. We are now dependent upon manufactured drugs to put things straight, when nature had it all along.

Oh dear... I went off on this post! LOL! I was planning a quick update and started meandering. I am just amazed at how much I have learned over the past years in my personal search for health. Even in my recent research on exercise, I'm finding the 'normal accepted rules' are WRONG! GAH!

But it is freeing to walk to a different beat!