Wednesday, November 25, 2009


YES! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Cheating day 1!

Today, I ordered the unique promo package that is detailed (p4 approved) on how to work on getting my body out of starvation reflex mode and dealing with the hormone Leptin. Tomorrow is the last day of 1/2 price and all the extras. Then the price more than doubles and I'm not sure if the extras go away too. Hubby said to order it so I did!!

Today I also started a very basic version of Fat Burning Furnace Workout Program .
It felt GREAT! I only was able to use hand weights so I focused on what I could do with them. WOOHOO!!

Time to get everything printed out and studied. This all makes sense to me and is SO far away from main-stream thinking... right up my alley! LOL!

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