Friday, November 13, 2009

Cheat your way thin

Cheat Your Way Thin

This website is PERFECT. Exactly what I have suffered with over these years. It talks about how we put ourselves into STARVATION MODE. Sign up for their free emails of tips on how to get out of starvation mode to start losing weight.

Another thought is to always remember to eat nutrient dense foods. Stop eating empty calorie foods that do not nourish your body. My goal, while off hCG is to start eating more than 1000 calories. My doc yesterday told me about an aloe juice that works great for tummy issues like gastritis. Every time I eat, I feel nausious and cannot eat much. There are many days I only eat 500 calories a day! Not good, but I always figured it was a good thing to help me keep weight off. Little did I realize that it was the reason for me gaining weight. Enter: Starvation mode.

I've gone 3 years now with this information and have not known how to defeat this problem. This is why I started the hCG protocol and it worked until I have to start eating again. I don't eat and then I gain. ugh!

Again... this is NOT for anybody to do during holidays that are on p2. If you eat off protocol while on hcg, you WILL gain.

Make sure you visit that website to receive the emails of great information: Cheat Your Way Thin


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