Wednesday, November 25, 2009


YES! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Cheating day 1!

Today, I ordered the unique promo package that is detailed (p4 approved) on how to work on getting my body out of starvation reflex mode and dealing with the hormone Leptin. Tomorrow is the last day of 1/2 price and all the extras. Then the price more than doubles and I'm not sure if the extras go away too. Hubby said to order it so I did!!

Today I also started a very basic version of Fat Burning Furnace Workout Program .
It felt GREAT! I only was able to use hand weights so I focused on what I could do with them. WOOHOO!!

Time to get everything printed out and studied. This all makes sense to me and is SO far away from main-stream thinking... right up my alley! LOL!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cheat your way thin

Cheat Your Way Thin

This website is PERFECT. Exactly what I have suffered with over these years. It talks about how we put ourselves into STARVATION MODE. Sign up for their free emails of tips on how to get out of starvation mode to start losing weight.

Another thought is to always remember to eat nutrient dense foods. Stop eating empty calorie foods that do not nourish your body. My goal, while off hCG is to start eating more than 1000 calories. My doc yesterday told me about an aloe juice that works great for tummy issues like gastritis. Every time I eat, I feel nausious and cannot eat much. There are many days I only eat 500 calories a day! Not good, but I always figured it was a good thing to help me keep weight off. Little did I realize that it was the reason for me gaining weight. Enter: Starvation mode.

I've gone 3 years now with this information and have not known how to defeat this problem. This is why I started the hCG protocol and it worked until I have to start eating again. I don't eat and then I gain. ugh!

Again... this is NOT for anybody to do during holidays that are on p2. If you eat off protocol while on hcg, you WILL gain.

Make sure you visit that website to receive the emails of great information: Cheat Your Way Thin


Thursday, November 12, 2009

80/20 rule

have you heard of the Pareto Principle before? Also known as the 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of the results you'll get out of anything in life comes from 20 percent of the causes.

I believe I've initially heard this principle this way... 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I'm usually that 20% doing the 80% of the work. My days are filled with stuff to the point I have no more time.

I was floating around on the internet a couple months ago and stumbled across a blog by Tim Ferris (his egg peeling video is what brought me there!). He is living a life of experiements and especially on the 80/20 rule. One of his articles was on gaining muscle mass and losing body fat very quickly and the technique is very much NOT mainstream teaching. Why not? because the typical work out teaching is a billion dollar industry, so of course there's a good chance it is slanted to keep us spending our money on something that only works mediocre. His explanation is brief but very intriguing and I was searching all around for a more detailed description of the technique he used, to no avail.

So I forgot about it, thinking that I was not to be involved. I was sad because I wa anxious to try something with dramatic results. When I work out, I LOVE to feel the burn and know that I actually did something. I do not like boring, light weights & repetitive things.

Then an amazing thing happened the other night. I was bumbling around online, trying to get sleepy. I clicked on a very long flash show describing one couple's challenges with the traditional system of gaining/losing weight. Honestly, I almost stopped the viewer because it was pretty drawn out and I am a 'get-to-the-point-already' kind of person. The discussion was finally over and it said... get the secrets now, so I clicked it, wondering what the price of all this secret information was about.

I googled around on what people's comments were on this program and did not find anything against it. In fact, most people that tried it to prove it doesn't work were astounded themselves at their success. Going back to the site, I found the price and determined my hubby would not be too happy about me spending $$ to find out more. I clicked out and a pop up appeared that said for a limited time, I can get the info on a trial basis for a cheaper price! So I did it and found out it was a DETAILED explaination of the technique Tim Ferris had done!!!

I WAS GEEKED! The information is quite impressive and detailed to the point of receiving videos of the exercises and logs to print out to keep track of your progress. It even has variations of the exercises using different equipment and even how to use your own body weight if you don't have equipment available. WOOHOO!! I can't wait to get going on this! I actually started a little bit after reading Tim's blog using my balance ball and have noticed my strength increasing quite quickly while doing pushups, crunches and other exercises.

So, I decided to share this info with my readers for those that are still struggling or just want a more effective way to increase your fat burning metabolism. It also teaches the myths of doing cardio workouts/traditional work-out methods. I even upgraded and got more of the program, praying my hubby would not be angry! LOL! The next morning he saw the info and said .... Good! I hope this works for you! (if only he realized I am going to convince HIM to try it too!)
With no further writing, I now give you the Fat Burning Furnace link:

I will be posting my results here as I work out. I developed an infected abcess on Monday that is pretty serious and it's healing progress will determine when I start the program.

The main thing that excites me about this program is because my biggest problem is that my metabolism stores fat no matter how I eat. Even while on hcg, I have hit a stall weight and cannot get beyond it. A lot of factors are involved and I'm targeting each one individually. The biggest one is that I have lost serious muscle in the past 5-6 years. When I went to the gym 3 days a week, I was doing great, lost a lot of fat and had gained a lot of muscle back. Since then 2 pregnancies happened and a huge spondy flare, plus hashimoto's developed into severe hypo thyroid problems.

A lot is stacked against me, but I am serious about pushing thru all this to become healthier and in turn, maybe reverse some potential damage (osteoarthritis can be slowed by weight training, and if I am to fuse later in life, having strong musculoskeletal system can slow the process and keep things from getting brittle!)

So if anyone here decides to try this program with me, lemme know and maybe we can swap stories!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

That time of the year... already?!

I know that Christmas is a couple months away and this year I'm trying to start Christmas shopping BEFORE the last minute. I succeeded a couple years ago and it was great.... even though I forgot a couple gifts I purchased early & I was looking around online and found this neat idea!!

(there was supposed to be a video, but it is not working... sigh.. oh well.. here's an image you can click!)

I am happily feeling less pain now that I started the myofascial release therapy and a new supplement. I can tell it is working because within 30 minutes of taking it, I get very VERY warm... meaning my body's thermostat is heating up. This is good.

I also got approval from my VA doc & their Voc Rehab system to get an eliptical machine to start working out. I'm not sure how long until I get it, but I can wait! It's free for me!! Now... to see if I can ask for something to do with weight training and I should be in a good place. I have this deep desire to start working out seriously again. I think that may be the final thing to get my body fully on track.

Also... the links in my post about alldaychemist are working!