Saturday, October 3, 2009

going down!

Today is Saturday, day 5 of this round (I loaded Sunday & bridfly on Monday)and I am down 5 lbs from my beginning weight (not counting the pound and a half I gained while loading). I woke up STARVING this morning.

I am not sure if I want to go to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year. I feel like a fat pig, even though I really am not. I guess the excitement last year was from losing so much thru the summer and I felt superb! This year, I've not lost any more and am disappointed that I am not at goal for this year's ball. There was this dress I wanted to try... sigh.... oh well. If I keep losing 5 lbs a week, or there-abouts, maybe.. just MAYBE I will fit into it, if they still have it at the store.

Things are looking like the hormone therapy is helping, along with all the other supplements that my body is lacking. I hate taking so many 'pills' but like I've told my kids... if I don't take them in supplements, I'll be taking just as many in prescription meds. At least this way my body will hopefully heal some of it's issues.

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