Friday, October 16, 2009

down 1 today!

Shockingly, I was down a whole pound today! I didn't expect it at all.

I started taking the nightly supplement to stimulate my growth hormone the other night and to make it work, you have to do some weight training right after drinking it and right before bed. I'm not doing anything major because I don't want to make my body flare. I'm doing some work with my exercise ball: pushups, thigh work, pelvic things, etc.

I got my n-aceteltyrosine today... YEA!! I am also taking Fucothin: a seaweed supplement to help increase metabolism too. So btwn those 3 supplements and the thyroid meds, plus the bioidentical hormones I think I've got a winning combination! I am getting hot flashes again! Not like menopause, but ones that are telling me my internal thermostat is heating up. I don't like being cold ......eeeeee.....

I was thinking that nightly exercise and supplement would have made me stall or gain, but maybe that was my issue a couple days ago when I stalled. Or it could have been TOM. Hard to say. I'm happy for my loss and am looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in!

My hcg is nearly gone and I'm going to have to order more.

The odd thing I've noticed this round is the re-distribution of fat seems to be going ALL into my belly! The pants I was wearing 8 lbs ago are too tight and painful in my waist! That is something to ponder for now.....

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