Friday, September 4, 2009


It has been a struggle for me these past many moons. Trying to get ahold of my pain and weight has been the battle. And I seem to be the loser!

I found out, via a friend, that there are other hormones that can be deficient and those symptoms are:

~ abdominal obesity
~ fatigue/low energy
~ reduced muscle strength
~ depression or anxiety
~ collagen 'disorders' (aging skin/joints/bones)


Those are the ones that stuck out at me. And I remembered that it has been only recently where I have no muscle strength.... adding to that this problem where I cannot lose the belly fat and the fatigue. The pieces are adding up.

I suppose it could all be just related to the spondylitis and osteoarthritis in my hips. Maybe it is from the hashimoto's thyroiditis. Or maybe there is a missing piece.

As I think about the whole picture of makes sense: If my thyroid levels are low, my progesterone, testosterone & estrogen levels are low.... why wouldn't my growth hormone/pituitary function be low too? They are all inter-related in a complex way.

My doctor agrees with me and took many vials of blood to see where I am at and has given me the OK to start on some specific supplements to get my pituitary working at a better level. Maybe THEN I can get these last 20 lbs off my gut for good! And have some energy. And maybe my joints can gain a little health in the process too.

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