Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring is Here!!! I think...

The days seem to be getting warmer. I am excited to be feeling warm weather at long last. Forecast says there should be no more frost advisories! I hope not.. heck, we're nearly in June already! sheesh!

I have been on full dose of LDN for 3 days now and have a sense of less pain. I am very hopeful that this will work. Some of the side effects are that I can no longer stay up until the wee hours of the morning. It seems midnight is the absolute latest I can stay awake anymore. I also have a low tolerance for a lot of food or I get nausious. My appetite is really really decreased, which I am somewhat happy about right now. My Bowels seem more regular too, which makes me think maybe the constipation I've suffered with for so long was an inflammation issue related to the spondylitis. My VA physical therapy is still continuing and they've added ultrasound to my rear to try to help my hip. It seems to be working as my pain appears to be decreasing. Not sure if it is the LDN or the therapy, or maybe a combination of both.

SO, back to my hcg journey. Nothing really going on. I'm on break right now and am not sure when I'll be ready to continue. The disappointment of my last round is making me hesitant to do another round. It gets frustrating for me in dealing with this crappy disease which seems to fight with the fat-loss. Hubby noticed he had a gain this morning, then realized it was water weight from being stiff and sore. It is amazing how sensitive our bodies are to weight fluctuations!

Weather is finally nice for working outside in our garden boxes and we've been helping an elderly friend clean his house while he was in the hospital. SO time goes by very quickly now. My house is a mess that is screaming from neglect. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to do something that resembles housework.

Too much to do. So little time to do it.

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