Monday, May 11, 2009

hubby's done, I'm not. this sucks.

Hubby finished protocol and is hovering btwn 139/141 pounds! He only has a half-a-pinch of fat on his sides! His muscles in his arms & shoulders are defined like I've never seen before! Very NICE looking! LOL!

I'm still stuck and frustrated but that's what happens when you've got so many things against you. sigh... I've hit another peak of spondy flare which is keeping me down. On my better days I am outside trying to prepare for planting our garden boxes in the technique. Hubby's been an awesome help in putting everything together and keeping me from doing much work. He's started LDN and has noticed some good improvements in his Gulf War Syndrome symptoms. I am so happy for him! I've not changed, maybe gotten worse which often happens. Many people get worse before they get better. I'm hoping that is what is going on because I really, really, REALLY do not want to have to resort to the dangerous drugs that don't always work anyway OR the side effects are horrible (sepsis, pneumonia, bronchitis, deadly fungal infections, etc).

I had to miss a physical therapy session the other week, which caused my neck to flare, which did not do well with the technique of the new therapist.

Back to hcg... I am totally bored and have no appetite to eat any of the allowed foods. My weight is 'stalled' again and I am now forgetting to weigh each morning because it seems to never move! I am losing inches, though, because my belly is ever so slowly getting fat reduced. I wish it would go faster, but the more I try to push it, it seems my body starts to rebel and slow down even more! lol! so here I am. I am working on experimenting on amt of calories to see if I need more to start losing again. Sometimes, as people near the last 10 lbs or so, they need to up their calories to start losing again. Sounds odd, but nobody really knows WHY things happen the way they happen.

I think my issues are because I need to drink more water. My problem is when I drink a lot, I pee a lot. And when getting to the bathroom causes too much pain, I am really hesitant to go there! So I've been not drinking water to avoid the bathroom maneuver.

My goal for tomorrow is to force the water as much as I can. Hopefully that will start the losses again.

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