Sunday, April 5, 2009

still up on p3

I'm consistently weighing in at 160!! ugh! I spent 6 days with a friend who's family is going thru a specific detox diet that only allowed raw fruits & veggies & nuts plus occasional lentil soup. So we ate SUPER healthy all week and I did not lose a pound. So I am thinking that the weight training has caused muscle gain instead of fat gain. I am right on track with not being over 7 lbs last hcg weight.

Looking at a p3 break of nearly 4 weeks I am amazed at how long I have been on this phase! This is the longest and I have really kind of enjoyed it. I am happy that for the first time I am not anxious about moving forward quickly. But my birthday is coming soon and I am thinking I'd like to get down to 150 or lower by then for a b-day goal. I started protocol almost a year ago and am disappointed I haven't reached goal yet, but looking back, I think I've done well esp when considering all the things I have gone through on this journey. A lot of healing happened too!!

so... hubby and I are discussing when to start loading for possibly our final round. It will for sure be his final round. I may need one more after this, but who knows.. I may surprise myself an have a whopper of a good round this time!! lol!

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