Monday, April 20, 2009

rain, cold plus overworked=stalls

This past week we've had some unexpected heavy yard-work that was very physically overwhelming. And a rainy, cold-snap is here and causing a flare. Somehow I have to learn to stop over-working my body! I have appeared to stall with slight gains after those days of physical work of digging and raking for many, many hours to fill some deep holes in my yard has caused my body to retain water.

My hip is in severe pain today so I get to sit and be bored. sigh. I have recently gotten some great books on herbs & gardening and such interesting to me things to keep me busy. Although, the kids are none to happy to see mom sitting on the job! LOL!

I stopped my LDN because I broke out in a rash and didn't want to create more problems with my body healing right now. I am taking Silica (homeopathic remedy) and it's job is to go deep and push out things like viruses, tumors, infections, disease, etc. I started breaking out with cold sores that crusted over as quickly as they formed. Now the 'sores' are on my arms, chest, and slowly making their way down my body. I learned today that we heal from top to bottom and that is how this rash is forming. It itches but not as bad as when I had the shingells. I believe my body is pushing everything out properly and I didn't want the LDN to interfere. I may start again next week.

Otherwise, hubby is the same as me... stalling with slight gains after so much physical work this past week. Well there goes my goal. sigh. someday soon this will be OVER!

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